Saturday, October 23, 2010

racing II

Okay, I couldn't let an Illustration Friday go by with just a photo! As mentioned in the last post, this week's prompt is "racing", so here's a coupla kids doing just that.

I recall that a local school banned the kids from playing tag at recess because it was deemed "too competetive". And while they were allowed to run, they weren't allowed to race. Same reason. Phooey! They're gonna do it anyway! The little criminals!

Go for it, I won't tell.


WrightStuff said...

I can't think of anything more ridiculous than stopping kids from racing and playing tag - it's just doing what comes naturally!! Great illustration, you can feel them pushing themselves to beat each other.

agg79 said...

Very nice illustration of two young hooligans breaking the law. I sometimes wonder what we have turned into when we don't let our kids act like kids.

terri said...

I love this... a good, old fashioned running race. Too many kids are racing their Mario Karts these days when they should be doing some of this kind of racing once in a while too.

heidi aldin monteleone said...

What's this PC world coming to? I always enjoy your commentary and your style.

Anita said...

Nice strides, with the wind blowing through their clothes.

No racing? When I was growing up, there was no point in running if it wasn't a race.

We're slowly creating a world of wimps. Next, they'll be taking down the score boards. Okay...maybe not.