Sunday, May 16, 2010

Silver Liningness Sunday

It's been a good week, work and and other obligatory things balanced with a sprinkling of fun and frivolity!

As mentioned, Meego turned a ripe old 10 years old on Friday. Time flies! No major birthday "bash" (sorry, I just don't DO the have-a-buncha-sugared-up-kids-over-the-house thing), but I think he felt special with the low-key type things we did do. And the cake turned out just fine despite me not having one of those cool hats.

We're still having snow visits (I know! Can you believe it?), but the sun makes a nice showing now and then too. It's like dueling weather. Anyway, I seem to recall a couple of enjoyable bike rides this past week.

On that weather note, I'm thankful for Under Armour ColdGear.

Further on the weather note, Wolfgang volunteered at the Special Olympics this week. The day was "unseasonably cold", so I was proud of him for sticking with his commitment. I advised him to wear his Under Armour ColdGear.

There was an awards assembly at the elementary school where I participated by giving out well-deserved Run With Lumber prizes, thus concluding another Run With Lumber season.

We watched "Fanboys". It's pretty stupid, but I laughed. Maybe I'll do something similar to our van.


terri said...

You seem to be taking the return of winter-like weather much better than I ever could. Obviously, it didn't stick around too long if you were able to squeeze in some bike rides.

We don't do big birthday celebrations around here either. In fact, I announced that today, with the return of Brad (and girlfriend) that we would be enjoying a birthday dinner in honor of all 3 kids (March, April & May birthdays.) We are topping off the special event with a visit to Dairy Queen for dessert.

Reshma said...

Hi Abby, Thank you for visiting my rather slim blog. I have been following your blog for ages now, and am rather chuffed you put a comment on mine :)

Anita said...

My youngest turned 10 last week too! No party either. And thankfully, she didn't ask for one.
Here's to double digits! Only eight more years until the last one goes to college - AHHHH!!!!

brandy101 said...

I wish I had seen a movie - even a dumb one - this weekend. Instead, we were dealing with minor flooding/water seepage issues.

Thankfully it was sunny yesterday.

Herb said...

Happy Birthday!!

Scott said...

Sounds like he enjoyed his low-key birthday--that's good!

And the cool weather sounds nice! It is miserably hot and humid here on the Gulf Coast--and summer hasn't even begun. It's even hot at night now!

This is a strange comparison, but the rabbit suit on "Lumber" reminds me of the film, "Donnie Darko". Though it wouldn't be appropriate for a ten-year-old--it's Rated "R" anyway--it's a fascinating movie. It's very dark, as the name implies--but also hilarious, and mind-expanding on the subject of time travel! One of the coolest films I've ever seen!

Goes by the name of Anna said...

Sometimes low key birthdays things are the best kind! Hope Meego enjoyed his day!

agg79 said...

I am soo glad the birthday parties are in the past. Nowadays we stick with the quiet, nondiscript, injury free celebrations. 10 years is a long time (in kid years). Hope he enjoyed his day.