Friday, May 21, 2010


Happy Illustration Friday! Today's prompt is "early", but I was actually a bit late getting to it because I went on an elementary school field trip today after a rather last minute request.

But anyways, I chose jellyfish for my "early" subject. I read that they've been around for about 650 million years - give or take. So I think that qualifies as "early".

I think they're cool looking when I see them at the aquarium, but don't want to be near one in the open water, thanks. Get stung, next thing you know, someone's gotta pee on you... not my idea of fun.

So, just a very quick sketch. I might have set a quickness record, actually. It's been a busy week, but not too busy. Nicely productive.

Jellyfish. They sort of remind me of those jelly shoes. Remember?

Never liked those, myself.


Anita said...

Jellyfish...Myrtle Beach...summer of 2008...youngest daughter got stung...swelling on her leg looked like the shape of the tentacles...pain...searched for vinegar...

They look "nice" in your drawing. :)

terri said...

The jellyfish are very peaceful and calming in your illustration, but I agree... I don't want to come in contact with one and have to get peed on.

Judy said...

Jelly shoes made my feet sweat.

Jellyfish make my palms sweat!

Scott said...

I'm definitely familiar with them, having grown up on the Gulf Coast!

But fortunately, I've never encountered any of the deadly kind.

There was a series on the Travel Channel, called "Top Ten". One episode (in 2001) featured the "Deadliest Animals Worldwide" (based on how many humans they kill per year)--and jellyfish made the list.

Here's the complete list:

(10) bears
(09) sharks
(08) hyenas
(07) jellyfish
(06) big cats (especially tigers)
(05) elephants and hippopotami
(04) scorpions
(03) crocodiles
(02) bees and wasps
(01) snakes

Hyenas were a big surprise--they're generally scavengers. But in the last several years, due to human encroachment and depletion of their normal food sources, they've been killing and eating children.

Bees and wasps are second-worst because of the numbers of humans allergic to their stings.

Crocodiles kill 3,000 people a year (mostly in Africa). Snakes kill 10,000 people a year.

Goes by the name of Anna said...

Oooh, I love your jellyfish!

(and I'm Australian, and have had plenty of experience with the little guys - not always by choice!)