Wednesday, March 24, 2010

wily friends

Happy smack-dab-in-the-middle-of Spring Break! EVEN THOUGH THERE'S A FREAKING BLIZZARD! OUTSIDE...

Actually, I think the blizzardness is over. Now there's just a bunch of wet heart attack snow left behind. And this is pretty typical of March around here so I can't complain.

No, I'm still revelling in the fact that it is spring. We did change those clocks a couple of weekends ago, so my early morning dark runs are now darker dark runs.

Mouse Town is particularly dark. Recall that Mouse Town is the cultural hot spot along one of my routes where development is banned until a decision on whether or not the Preble Jumping Mouse is endangered or not.

I enjoy the wildness of it, the undevelopedness of it. This is the same area where I had my crazed deer incident of last summer. What's not to like?

Lately, I've been hearing the yipping of coyotes near Mouse Town. It's a bit intimidating, but popular opinion says that coyotes painstakingly avoid humans, so I'm trusting that the yippers know that I'm human and am to be painstakingly avoided.

And now that I've drawn one, we're like spirit friends or something..... right?


Duble said...

why does this coyote only have 3 legs?

terri said...

I never would have noticed this was a three-legged coyote if Duble hadn't said something. Now I'm trying desperately to find that 4th leg! Where is it hiding??? (I kid. This is a lovely drawing!)

Bummer that you got a blizzard over spring break, but I do seem to remember in years past that this seems to be the way it goes. And you appear to be taking it all in stride.

And to make sure those Coyotes leave you alone during your early morning runs, just carry two big sticks with you and bang them together. The noise will scare them off.

You're not buying that are you?

agg79 said...

I guess we can start calling you "Runs With Coyotes". I saw that you guys were getting hammered with snow this week. Sorry it had to hit during spring break. More time at home with the family! Spring cleaning projects?

Stay away from them critters on your runs and have a good spring break!

Anita said...

Mouse Town??? lol And coyotes?
I "must" pay a visit to Colorado.

I'll have to think about something fascinating in Virginia that can compete, other than our numerous Civil War monuments and battlefields. Hmmmm...

The fourth leg hides perfectly behind one of the other legs???

Goes by the name of Anna said...

Coyotes, wow!
That is So Exotic to me!