Sunday, February 14, 2010

Silver Liningness Sunday

First of all, Happy Valentine's day! I hope you are all feeling the love!

On this thankfulness day, I should take a moment to say that I'm thankful for Magnum and our life we've shared for, like, a hundred years or something. Our very first date was actually on Valentine's day. No symbolic reasoning behind it. We were both in school, I worked a retail job, and he was in the National Guard. V-day happened to be the first mutual opening in our respective calendars.

Okay, enough mushy mush.... onward!

It was a not-too-busy week this work week as I'm in a lull between classes and just have my two tutor students until next week. I did attend a training session which was fun and informative and paid for. In the meantime, I cleaned house like a ninja.

My "create more art" resolution of the New Year is still full of steam. I'm managing to find time each day to do SOMEthing. I've been working on folds. Here's some... uh... yeah... Kleenex *YAWN*. (decided to post that rather than the jeans on the guy's butt of which I'm quite happy with how the folds came out...)

We had snow this week, but we also had sunshine and warmth. I'm feeling for those people on the east that got socked in. I was able to leave the car in the garage for the most part - a.k.a. get around on my bicycle.

I volunteered at Meego's class Valentine's party on Friday. Helped get all the little lovebirds off to a good sugar high and even got some free cheese.

This week's Netflix pic was Nobel Son which was dark yet fun! Very enjoyable group of actors. Probably not for everyone, but Magnum and I liked it.

Oh, what the hell... it's
Valentine's day. Kleenex?!


brandy101 said...

hmm, now you are sketching partially-clothed men? Who is the model????

Abby said...

from an advertisement for... something. I forget.

Goes by the name of Anna said...

I for one am glad that you posted the jeans picture! I read the top of the post, went "awwwww" in disappointment, scrolled down, and there it was!

Anita said...

I got engaged on Valentine's Day.
I actually think he thought it was a surprise as we sat in the nice restaurant, in the "requested" location.
Ahhh...15 years later - he still can't fool me.

Nice sketches. Hard to click away from the second one.

agg79 said...

Hmm. Box of kleenex or posterior view of some guy in jeans. What was the theme for today?

Glad to hear Bella is getting out and about more often. Maybe she'll meet some nice mountain bike along the trail.

terri said...

VERY nice guy's butt in jeans with folds drawing! I've said it before and I'll say it again... you've got talent!

Oh... and the Kleenex are nice too. Just not quite as... um... exciting :-)