Friday, February 12, 2010


For those who haven't noticed, I've decided to post something artsy each friday that I've created during my week. This is my third installment since starting this endeavor. I'm utilizing the Illustration Friday site to keep me at it.

This week's topic is "Adrift", and I admit, I had trouble finding something from this week's doodling to fit that bill.

The word Adrift at first struck me as a negative. I thought of being lost and without direction. As I thought about it some more, though, I saw that Adrift can have good associated with it too - like being free and unencumbered.

So, I settled on this cheetah watercolor. I still feel a little lost and "adrift" with watercolor and am trying to figure things out as I go - just go with the flow.

And then there's the cheetah thing. I'm thinking wild cheetahs, roaming the Savannah, not the neurotic ones walking in circles at the zoos.


Indigene said...

Beautiful study!

Duble said...

You mean cheetahs don't walk in circles on the savanah. I thought that is how they ran so fast, first you wind your self up by walking in circles than you unleash the pent up feline fury.

Either way, nice water color!

Ren said...

Beautiful work!

Absolutely. Being adrift is like a beautiful, personal meditation. Anything is possible and new things can come your way when you're not walking around with expectation.

agg79 said...

Your artestry is getting better & better. Glad you settled on that definition of adrift. I would have picked A Drift - as in a snow snow drift. But, then again, momma never claimed I was the brightest one of the litter.

terri said...

You are SO talented! Hard to believe in all the time I've been visiting you I had no idea of your very artistic side.

Judy said...

WOW - untapped talent there, girl! That is an outstanding sketch!

Goes by the name of Anna said...

(and those circle walking cheetahs at the zoo make me sad...)

L. A. Stern said...

this is a very expressive and interesting sketch. I like the way you've used the watercolor concisely :)


Scott said...

The cheetah's face matches the topic well. He/she looks adrift, in a positive way--as if he/she is contemplating the horizon, choosing a direction in which to roam.