Thursday, December 17, 2009


Yema balls.

I'm supposed to make Yema balls today. Or at least get them started.

What the Francis are Yema balls??

Apparently, they are some sort of Filipino dessert/cookie thing. Wolfgang said he was bringing them to his "International" party tomorrow. Enter mom-makes-yema-balls request.

He found a recipe online. I searched and found several others. No two match. Dang yema balls.

I will attempt something. Probably an amalgamation of various yema ball recipes. I mean, who's gonna know if they turned out right or not? Yema balls?

IN other news, remember my cute little iPod shuffle? I took it for it's first run today. Oh, so fun! So light! Now the thing with it is, it's so tiny, that there are no controls other than off/on/play/shuffle on the little unit. Volume control and skip/pause are on this little switch attached to the wire of the earbuds.

So I'm on my iPod run, and I go to decrease the volume and some point. Well, nothing changed. I'm like clicking away on that little control and nothing. I try "pause", nothing. It worked fine earlier on the various little test drives.

I'm trying it now, and the pause/skip works, but still no volume control. I think maybe it gets saturated with perspiration, and this perspiration saturation renders it useless? Anyone else have this problem??

updateness: I searched online (how did we get anything done before the internet??) and yes, apprently this is a sweat-gets-into-the-controller problem. Teflon tape anyone?

Other than that, I love it.

IN other news, Meego still wants a baby. What I thought was just a passing phase is still here. Maybe we should start "the talk".

Yema balls should be easier.


terri said...

You can hide behind the Yema balls for a while (and good luck with those, by the way,) but you KNOW you're gonna have to have that talk eventually! :-)

agg79 said...

Perspiration on the shuffle. Puts a whole new light on "sweating to the oldies". Try to dry it out and find a sleeve or holster for it to keep it dry. There are a few commercial set ups or you could go old school and wrap it up in a plastic sandwich bags.

Good luck with the Yema balls. I bet those will be easier than explaining the facts to Meego.

Beej said...

Mine sits on my arm in a little thingy when I'm moving around. Surely there is a way to clip to you so you won't be holding it. That's a pain (although since my iPhone is now my iPod, I carry it in my hand IN A PLASTIC ZIPLOCK about a pain).

Whodat? said...

Would you believe that just last week I broke out my cassette tapes AND the ol' Walkman? Seems like only months ago I listened to them on a mini-cross-country motorcycle trip. >>pulls over, flips tape, resumes riding<<

Herb said...

I had a Shuffle for a very short time and HATED it. Sorry, I re-gifted that sucker as fast as I could. Fortunately the wife had already re-gifted it to me and didn't care because she hated it too. Yema balls must be like the Pasta Fagioli with so many different recipes and styles. This should make it easier, actually, "Oh, them thar Yema balls ya'll are thinking of are from the NORTHERN Phillipines and this here is the far-superior SOUTHERN recipe. "The talk," huh?