Tuesday, December 29, 2009


On Saturday, we went to the mall.

YES, we braved the day-after-Christmas crowds and hit it. Of course, we wouldn't get the full drama of it if we didn't experience the mall food court, so that's exactly what we did.

Lunchtimish, day after Christmas, mall food court. We were sitting there amongst the throngs eating various things. Meego had a large plate of Japanese something-or-other, and once he'd eaten his fill, the vultures (a.k.a. Chaco and Wolfgang) swooped in to lick his plate clean.

I just nonchalantly happened to note, "all those dishes on the steam table taste the same like there's just one big wok in the back and then the workers fill up different compartments."

Both Chaco and Wolfgang stopped mid-chow and gave me quizzical looks.

"No they don't", was the concensus as the quizzical looks persisted.

"Yeah, they all just sort of swim around in that same saucy stuff and...", I could tell this was sounding like I was some sort of alien. Then Magnum cleared things up.

"Mom doesn't have smell buds, so she doesn't taste anything either. Sense of taste and smell are related".

Okay, so that didn't really clear things up. I was sure they knew the story of how I somehow left my sense of smell on the delivery table when I gave birth to Wolfgang, but apparently not.

They were absolutely astounded to learn this.

"You never told us that!", Wolfgang stated, wide-eyed, lips glistening with one-sauce-fits-all.

"Well...", I explained, "I can smell SOME things. Burning diesel fuel is somewhat noticeable".

That didn't really help either. I told them how I even asked my ob/gyn about this strange phenomenon at my 6-month post Wolfgang checkup.

"Pffft, beats me", was her educated opinion. "Maybe it's Nature helping you out since you have two in diapers now". Worked for me.

I've heard of similar things happening. I have a friend who suddenly became allergic to dogs after having kids. Another friend lost 3 teeth. I have a dog, a cat, and my teeth are all pretty well rooted. I don't really mind that all of the food at King's Wok tastes the same. The kids thought this a bit of a travesty though.

"You mean, you can't smell it when you make corned beef and cabbage - the way the whole house smells like it, even the basement?" Wolfgang asked forlornly.

"Uhm... no, not really". This seemed to make them sad, so I added, "Well, I can kinda smell bacon! OH, and dog breath! I don't really smell it, but there's the sensation of it in a gag reflex kind of way!"

This cheered them up somewhat.

Their mother could sense dogbreath and bacon. Things were okay with the world.


terri said...

I'm pretty sure my sense of smell is working to its full capacity, and I'd agree with you about Japanese food all tasting pretty much the same.

Anita said...

I'd never thought about that, but hmmmm... All the little samples on toothpicks that they wave at you as you pass by - do taste similar.

Duble said...

not having a sense of smell might also come in handy in a the manosphere you breathe in all the time, just sayin.

agg79 said...

There are sometimes I think that not having your sense of smell might come in handy (diapers and kitty litter come to mind). But I am glad that you can at least can wake up & smell bacon. I do agree with your opinion of Japanese food tasting pretty much the same.

Unknown said...

Maybe this is why I got fat after having kids? One of those strange phenomenoms.