Thursday, October 8, 2009

once more, with feeling

I'm not sure how many times I've called Chaco, only to get his voice mail. *SIGH*. What good's the dang cell phone if it's OFF?!

It seems that communication just isn't that high of a priority for him. "Oh.. yeah... forgot to turn my phone on..."

Well, until today, anyways.

I was heading out the door to meet with a student and thought I'd check the e-mail before I left. My inbox had an "urgent" message from Alphonse Fredenheimer (that's e-mail incognito "code" for Chaco) as follows:

"mom, you forgot to call in for that day I was sick, and you need to do that today before 2:00 or else I get Saturday school".

Oh yeah. He was home coughing up a lung a couple of weeks ago. I never got around to confirming the absence with the attendance lady. So I made a mental note of it, and went on with my business.

When I returned home, the phone answering machine was beeping away:

[with feeling] "You need to confirm my absence from the 25th TODAY or else I'll get Saturday school!". [Dread/Panic]

No "hi Mom". No "Hi, it's Chaco". Not even a reference to Alphonse Fredenheimer, just the [with feeling] "You need to....." [Dread/Panic]

Nextly, my cell phone is buzzing with a voicemail (I think you know what it was and from whom..)

Apparently, it takes a threat of the dreaded Saturday school to get that kid on the phone.


Judy said...

So THAT'S where Tyler got this hacking cough! Thanks Chaco! I knew I should have kept our Colorado ski plans under wraps - see what happens now? ;-)

Ah, yes, the power of the parental note. Love that it is still there in high school!

terri said...

I can't say as I blame the poor kid. School on Saturday? Yuck!

agg79 said...

Have him sit in class just ONE Saturday and I bet he won't forget to turn on his phone again. If subtlety doesn't work, try a 2x4.

brandy101 said...




Beej said...

I texted my eldest from my bedroom to his bedroom the other morning to tell him to get out of bed and get in the shower. He didn't think it was funny but I sure did.

Goes by the name of Anna said...

Haha, he sounds nearly as bad as I am. I am rather excellent at accidentally-on-purpose leaving my phone on my bedside table...