Sunday, October 4, 2009

Silver Liningness, part VII

My cup runneth over!!

....No, really, anyone got a napkin handy? I just spilt some coffee...

Oh, but seriously, it's been another silver-lined week. Let's review, shall we?

Firstly, recall last weekend that I mentioned we were quite resolute about getting a second commuter car. Well, here she is! Isn't she cute?

It's not exactly an action shot. I just wandered into the garage a few minutes ago to catch this pic of her while she's sleeping. Absolutely NO frills '01 Honda Civic.

The trusty big-butt van has been relieved of its commuter duties and is back to RV status. It now resides in the backyard with our trailer. We finally have the white trash backyard we've strived for all these years.

Work is fun. I had some training last week. We've begun teaching classes online. How cool! I can teach right from here in the Man Cave! I will complete my training shortly, and yesterday, I picked up my flashy smlashy company provided WebCam. TOYZ!!

On a related note, I also kicked off another class yesterday. This one is the old fashioned, live OFFline version. Another nice group of students to bust down so I can build them up..

Remember that house for rent next door? Someone moved in yesterday! I have yet to meet them, but there was lots of activity with people and truckloads of stuff moving in. This could be good. This could be bad. Stay tuned.


agg79 said...

Nice looking set of wheels. Hope it gives you miles & miles of reliable service.

It's good to put the old van out to rest for a while. If you are going for the white trash yard motif, I have some pink flamengos and gas station signs that could add just that right ambience.

Anita said...

We're back down to two SUVs parked in the driveway. Used to have four vehicles out on the driveway. Always looked like we were having a party.

My 1988 Volvo was finally given away to a widower with two kids from Iraq.

My husband's prized new mid-life car is back in the garage after he stacked his dad's stuff from a storage unit sky high on the other side of the garage.

Confused...that's okay.

I'm picturing your back yard. :) :)
Just put out your "Life is Good" sign along with the stuff that Agg79 suggested!

Enjoy the webcam!

Judy said...

SUHWEET ride!!!! Have a lovely weekend!!!

Herb said...

What kind of stuff do they have? Nice? Beat up? You've heard of neighborhood watch, well, this is just neighbor watch.

Beej said...

Yay for the car! Cuteness!

Good luck with the neighbors. No, seriously.

terri said...

Congrats on the new-used car! No more gas-guzzling!

Congrats on the white-trash back yard too. I think ours qualifies as well. There are two fishing boats stored underneath the deck, as well as a 1970's era 5 speed bicycle that belonged to Mark when he was a kid and has been parked up against the house for several years now. I should get on him about that and get it out of there!

brandy101 said...

Congrats on the cute little car!

I am dying to hear about the new neighbors!

Speaking of, anything new with Neighbor Flanders? Or...did she move out of the now rented place?