Tuesday, September 1, 2009

the things you see

In the pre-dawn darkness, I saw the car sitting there. Parked on the side of the road that goes by the middle school track, there was an occupant. He had the dome light on.

He was either someone who'd come to the track to do some laps, or he was someone who stakes out such tracks at pre-dawn so as to attack defenseless joggers, chop them into little pieces, and strew their remains about...

... or something in the middle.

Another lap, and he was still in the car. Dome light off now.

Another lap and another runner joins me on the track. She enters from the side away from the road. Away from the stake-out car. She has the appearance of a typical suburban mom-type. Like me, she's wearing shorts, a light top, running shoes, a ponytail. Unlike me, she walks straight across the field rather than runs laps.

She walks straight to the stake-out car. She gets in.

The car stays. The engine remains off. The occupants remain inside. I continue my laps.

Eventually, my time there is done. I leave the track. I run past the stake-out car to the road to head back home.

What's up with that? A 6 a.m. tryst? At a road bordering a middle school track? In a hatchback?

I imagine such a scenario. Who is the car man? What does she tell her husband?

Is it like kids who tell their parents they're going to the "library" when really....

"I'm going to start running... early in the morning...."

"I'm going to the track to do some....."

.... guy in a hatchback?


Duble said...

6 am tryst. I don't do anything at 6 am, not that i want to have an affair, but this cover story wouldn't hold water with my wife.

Also If i did it regular she'd sign me up for a marathon or something, also how do you explain that your running shoes are 6 months old and look new?

Anonymous said...

I SOOO love these powers of observation you are showing...brilliant.

Not a bad cover actually for this type of thing. It would explain the sweaty body and the need for a shower...and possibly some later soreness from "trysting" in a hatchback.

terri said...

Eeew! They made no attempt to move away from the track? Where you were running? And might see them? That's just weird. Exhibitionists, maybe?

Goes by the name of Anna said...

Haha - I love the random things that life coughs up now and then... 6am at the running track - right...

Judy said...

Are you sure it wasn't your milkman and he just couldn't find the gal's house? Maybe a track-side delivery?

brandy101 said...

Was she super-fit? Maybe the car housed her drug dealer, hooking her up with some steroids and ephedrine.

Herb said...

That's a weird story. You could have shouted, "get a room" as you went by. Maybe not.