Friday, September 4, 2009

a good ribbing

I visited my chiropractor yesterday.

For about the last week, I could swear there was an arrowhead lodged just under my left shoulder blade. No biggie, it only hurt when I inhaled. Or exhaled. Or moved. Please, don't make me sneeze.

It's almost mystical the way she knows things. She rendered my right arm almost useless merely by lightly pushing a spot on my spine merely to determine that I have a cracked rib to the left of my spine. WTF?

Oh well, I believe her. She just knows these things, y'know?

She did some magical adjustments followed by a WONderful but too short massage with that WONderful vibrator thing (I can see the search engine lights flashing now...) and sent me on my way.

This morning, as Meego and I walked to school, I told him of my diagnosis. He would have to do the laundry and vacuuming and trash collecting and grocery loading and etc. for the next few days.

He just laughed.

Oh well. I tried.


terri said...

I love my chiropractor (in a completely platonic sort of way.) My life has improved immensely since I met him and started seeing him regularly.

So you have no idea how you cracked your rib? You must have a high pain threshold!

Now, tell Meego not to let the other kids in on the joke and try a little harder with that story about needing them to do all the chores. You can do it!

Duble said...

I suppose you can tuck that away in your cap for when they're compalining about chores next week.

Be all, "I don't care if you don't want to make your bed, my rib is broken"

or better yet,

if they say something like, its to hard i don't want to do my chemistry homework, you can be all, hard, hard is picking up after your slovenly behind with a broken rib.

Judy said...

I remember when Travis was born via c-section and the doctor told me no housework for 6 weeks. Well, that just meant my house wasn't cleaned for 6 weeks. So, when Tyler came along (via c-section), I ignored that. My house was going to be clean. And we all know who was going to end up cleaning it!

Herb said...

Ouch. Yeah, Chiros are great.

brandy101 said...

Geeze, sounds like we are getting old and our parts are rusting!

I hope everything feels better!

Goes by the name of Anna said...

Ahhh, chiropractors/physiotherapists are magic people with magic hands... I'd keep a pet one in a cardboard box under my bed if I could (you know, if there was any part of that plan that was remotely feasible)...