Wednesday, September 9, 2009

in flux

Hear me, O gods of Real Estate!

We sit precariously perched between a house for rent and a house for sale. A few houses up, another house sits for sale. Two houses have recently been purchased or rented, having new families moved in. So far, so good.

The house next door that's for rent has been vacant since the start of summer. Much activity has gone on there. Landscaping. New cabinetry. New carpetry. New windowtry. New sprinkler installationtry. Still, it sits.

The house of the other next door that's for sale still houses the current owner. Nice lady. Last child is off at college. She doesn't need all the space for her and Winston, the little monopoly dog. I don't want her to leave, but I understand.

We get along with (or are rather oblivious to - which is "like" getting along with...) pretty much everyone in the neighborhood. I'd like it to stay that way please.

O gods of Real Estate.

Anyone reading this who is a way cool neighbor and wants to move to Colorado, talk to me!


Duble said...

I don't want to have cool neighbors, I want to be the cool, living next to you guys would involve too much pressure to be cool

Judy said...

I'll move next to you! Our boys would have a BLAST!

Anonymous said...

My neighbors are getting older...I am kind of concerned now.

agg79 said...

Ok, ok, it's me. Can I park the truck on blocks in the yard? Mind if I let my dog run loose in neighborhood? How about working on my Mustang in the driveway with Ray Wyle Hubbard playing on the radio?

I would so love to move into your neck of the woods. Cooler temps, good school district, wicked school mascot, great neighbors. If it were up to me, it would be a no brainer.

Unfortuneately, duty & oblications call and we are left here in south Texas. I only hope that you get some great neighbors.

terri said...

I'm praying for cool neighbors too. The house next to us has been in foreclosure, and now it's for sale and improvements are being made, but still, no takers. We've been lucky with neighbors many times as the homes on both sides of us have changed hands. I'm hoping our luck holds out.

brandy101 said...

oh lordy, I know how this goes.

The house next to us - which has been VACANT since Nov 2005 (yes, almost 4 years) was bought last week and, lets just say the new owner tried to circumvent the authorities and get it into rentable condition. Honestly, the place is practically a tear-down after sitting so long vacant. The roof was a disaster, joists were clearly rotting...

So the Village put a Stop Work Order so he now has to go through the proper channels to get it done. Without too much detail, I can guarantee you he is a landlord. I am concerned that he is going to get some skeevy renters in there. I hope not.