Friday, September 11, 2009

ding dong, the babies are dead!

For your viewing pleasure.... Is this one of the most disgusting things you've ever seen, or what??

Okay, don't answer that.

But really. Gross, no?

It's a dog heart FILLED with heartworms. Kinda looks like spaghetti.

Anyways. I think hopefully, probably, maybe, maybe probably we are finished fighting the heartworm wars with China the crazy-but-loveable dog.

The whole ordeal began last January, I think, when she went in for her annual checkup. She had freakin' heartworms! What?

And so started our journey of heartworm annihilation. 6 months of slowly killing off the baby heartworms followed by two nasty NASTY intramuscular injections to kill off the big daddies.

The nasty NASTY injections were administered last week. I took her in Monday for the first one, Tuesday for the second. On Monday, she happily hopped into the van for a fun outting. Tuesday morning, she was a little less thrilled to go back.

But, it is done. The test shows that all the babies are dead, and we've no reason to believe that the adults haven't also gone to the big dog heart in the sky. China still needs to take it easy for a while, but she seems like a normal, albeit crazy, dog. And now, she has celebrity status at the vets' for contracting this so-rare-in-Colorado doggie disease.

Lessons learned: Use those heartworm chews! No matter where your dog lives. And... I don't think I'll be having spaghetti for a while.


terri said...

That is totally disgusting in a weirdly fascinating kind of way. I might have to look at it again and also show my friends and family.

I'm so happy to hear that China is all cured! Time for a celebration! Yes, she needs a party!

Duble said...

Neil needs his chews!!

I didn't know heartworms were actually heartworms, i thought is was i don't know what i thought it was, i guess I didn't think about it, but that is clearly nasty!!!

Judy said...

Two words:

NAS TAY!!!!!!

agg79 said...

Incredible (but NOT the grossest thing I have seen). I like the way you don't mince word and get right to the point. Grayson just finished up his HW treatment so he is free & clear of those nasty worms. I hope that China can hold on for the next few weeks of rest & quiet, but she will be better off in the end. Good luck China and God Bless you Abby for taking care of him!

brandy101 said...

Aw, I hope China is fully recovered soon.

I just got a notice from my vet that they recalled the heartworm chews for my dogs; I need to get that switched ASAP!

Goes by the name of Anna said...

Haha, gross...

I will now go to work and sell my heart-worm medicines with renewed vigor on behalf of your poor long suffering doggy!

Adam said...

ugh. heartworms *shudders*

Herb said...

Wow. Good for China that she has a good mom.