Tuesday, July 28, 2009

the way back

I remember days as a little kid, lying on my parents' bed while my mom got all prettied up for someplace she was going. I'd lie there, chin in hand, and study the various photos around the room, taken long before I was born.

My parents were oldish by the time I was born. Dad was 40 and Mom was nearly 37. So I would gaze at those photos somewhat whimsically, wondering who those young happy looking people were. Of course, I knew they were my parents, but they just seemed so young and far away and different.

For instance, here's a photo I have of my dad, taken in the Phillipines around the time he met my mom. He's the skinny smiling guy on the right. The other guy is obviously some army buddy, and I have no idea who the young filipino girls are, neither are my mom. Maybe she took the pic? Doubt it, but I'm sure there was nothing untoward going on involving these two young girls. Sure of it. It's Dad!

I think of him so young. Going off to war. Going so far away from his family. Serving.

And it seems strange sometimes to actually see my dad here, all young and boyish. My memories with him are as someone large and principled and protective and instructive and dad-like. Here, he's just a pup. On the other side of the world, helping fight a war.

Recently, I came across some photos taken years ago about the time Magnum and I were both single and about to meet. I wonder what the kids think when they see these? Is it hard to imagine their parents in the days before true adulthood? As being something other than their mom and dad?

They know Magnum was in the army, and have a typical boy-child interest in this. Here he is, back in the day, second from left, ready to bravely defend the country!

And here's one I found with some friends and me. Sadly, most of the pics from around that time are similar. Helping to make the world a better place??

Maybe I should've served in the Peace Corps or something, and taken a few inspiring pictures of such.

Maybe next go around.


brandy101 said...

The army buddy standing next to your dad: MUST be an ancestor of actor Jason Segel (I love You Man, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, etc.)

You look sort of grumpy in that pic you posted...what up w. that?!

terri said...

I still love to look at pictures of my parents in their younger days. Something about the looks on their faces draws me to them. I think it's a look of hope and the absence of a knowledge of hurt and pain and loss. Maybe it's the innocence I like to see.

Now I need to go look at my old pictures and see if I look innocent and hopeful too!

Whimsical Ranter said...

I also love looking at old pictures!

Duble said...

You could photo shop your way into some peace corp photos, while yoru at it, you could make your self summit mount everst, survive the titantic, and be the little know navigator that flew with Amilea Earhart.

Althought that might make you sound older than you want.

Beej said...

I just seem to have a big old BOW in my head in all my old pics....sigh.