Sunday, July 19, 2009

Silver Lining S-day, part XLVIII

It's Silver Lining Saturday on a Sunday day!

As previously mentioned, we took another trip to the boonies for some primal camping. A short and sweet trip, but grimy and feral nonetheless, and everyone had a good time. Nice to get back to nature - all that earth, wind, fire, water and predatory wildlife. We learned throughOUT the night that there are many many coyotes in this particular area. Either that or hordes of screaming banshees.

Yesterday, for a nothing-else-to-do-on-a-Saturday activity, we went and hit the local flea market for entertainment. Always good for a show. We even ended up finding some bargains amidst the piles of trash. I am currently sporting a lovely turquois and silver ring I bought from a nice garbage-selling man.

And with summer break still in full-swing, no one has yet uttered that ubiquitous "I'm Bored" (other than myself, but I only say it in my head). Seems like each of the kids finds things to occupy their time in between hanging out with friends and other adventures. And for today's pic of the week, we have:

This is a Chaco apparatus. It brings me back to when I was pregnant with him, our oldest, and wondering just what kind of child Magnum and I would spawn. I had a brief vision of some Jimmy Neutron type, constructing bombs in the basement.

This is not in our basement, however, it's on the back deck. Note that it is "live" (plugged in). To my relief, it is not a bomb. Note also, that it is very environmentally friendly with all that scrounged stuff from the recycle bin. We have a Sprite bottle, a pancake syrup bottle, a cranberry juice concentrate can, a ginger snap tin. Mega geek points for anyone who can identify what it is.



Whodat? said...

Hydrolysis attempt? I.e. separating each oxygen from its 2 hydrogens and capturing them in the bottles?

Careful--no smoking around Aunt Jemima; could end up as a mini-Hindenberg diorama!

Kelly said...

A bong??!! noooo waitamin, it's a twister maker thing?

terri said...

I WISH my kids were that creative! My guess? It's a battery.

Goes by the name of Anna said...

I've got nothing! I'm too technologically challenged to even venture a guess!