Wednesday, June 3, 2009

wait.... what?

It's starting to settle in that it's officially summer break. DESPITE the fact that it's freakin' 41 degrees and cloudy outside!

The crappy weather is my fault, I know it. On Monday, I took my winter sweaters, folded them up all nice like, and transported them to their summer storage quarters deep in the bowels of the house. Shortly afterwards, the weather went to pot.

But enough small talk... I mentioned last week how the end of the school year sort of hits me like a wall I wasn't paying attention to. This year seems moreso than others.

First we had that whole Ulysses tragedy which made the last week of school a sort of weird, scary, confusing, foreign thing. Then there was the awards ceremony at which I was a non-attendee. Granted, this is an elementary school end-of-year ritual thing - a very small blip on the radar. For the past few years, ever since I started chairing that Run With Lumber , I've been in charge of giving out prizes for said event at the end-of-year awards assembly. We give out prizes to the top money earners and the top runners per grade.

So wouldn't you know it, Meego ended up staying home sick that day, which meant that I ended up staying home with sick Meego that day, which meant that I had to scramble for a substitute to give out Run With Lumber awards, which meant I decided that the most appropriate choice was probably the P.E. teacher whom I'd walked in on, just a few days prior, while he was alledgedly "alleviating a migraine".

Anyway, bottom line, I never gave out the awards, unless you count handing the big bag of them over to the P.E. teacher, along with the list of winners, as giving them out. I don't count that.

And even though Meego got all better, and I did attend that crazy 3rd grade luau, I had this "unfinished business" feeling. I tallied the laps, I collected the money, I compiled the winners. ....It's how most of the kids at the school know me - that Run With Lumber lady.... and I didn't give out prizes.

Did anyone even miss me? Because, y'know, it IS all about ME.


Adam said...

Your work may be unsung, but isn't necessarily forgotten. Karma has it's way of getting back to you. The ol' metaphysical lady has yet to get back to me for staying over that one night at Subway, but hey, it's just like a lady to keep you waiting.

Just kidding.

Good to be back on Blogger


terri said...

I think I understand what you're feeling and I think it's a mom thing. I find myself comparing what I did for one kid - how much energy I invested, my enthusiasm, the time, etc. - with what I'm doing for the next. Lately I've been feeling guilty that I don't seem to be working as hard on Jake's grad party as I did for Brad's. Nevermind the fact that I made lists of EVERYTHING after Brad's party so that it would be easier to pull off the next. I'm just feeling guilty for not being quite as overwhelmed. I think you too are judging yourself on what you've done in the past and feeling like you're letting someone down because it's not the same this year.

Dang mom-guilt.

Judy said...

I have a few unfinished school things - you can come here and take care of them (fundraiser for next year, t-shirt design, you know, little things).

brandy101 said...

mine has 1 week and one day of school left...I am already counting down the the end of August!!!

Beej said...

I despise not feeling adored. People are so selfish.