Thursday, June 11, 2009

birth.... riiiight

Meego wants me to have a baby.

Well, not in so many words. In so many words, he said "I wanna be a big brother" which sort of led to my conclusion.

Two of his friends from school are about to become big brothers any day, and I also happen to know of a third friend that is due to become a big brother next fall. It seems that big brothers are popping up all over.

So I think it's mainly a case of peer pressure. All of his friends are doing it, so he thinks he should be doing it too. I can imagine the conversations:

"Hey, I'm gonna be a big brother."

"Really? How do you know?"

"Oh, I KNOW!"

"Wow. So what's it like?"

"Dude, you're going to be 10 years old soon. Don't you think it's time you found out for yourself?"

He says he's looking ahead to the future. He's thinking of where he wants to be in five, ten years.

"When Chaco and Wolfgang leave for college, I'll be the only one left", he ponders.

Well, it's good to have goals.

Can we change the subject?


Anonymous said...

Yikes. Change the subject quickly.

terri said...

Oh come on. Have a bunch of 'em. You could be like those families on reality t.v. with so many kids you have to build a compound to house your family and all the food required to feed them. Think how good this would be for the blog. Just promise me you'll think about it.

brandy101 said...

You know, i am the oldest of 3 and never was happy about my mom having other babies. I do love my sisters now, but, really, I was never thrilled about being a big sister or having babies in the house.

Duble said...

get a dog!or I guess another do.

Judy said...

LOL - Travis wants a sister...a BIG sister. Like that's gonna happen!

Beej said...

What a TERRIBLE thing to think about. Ick. Now I'm gonna have to go find some HAPPY post to read before I can move on with my day.

But seriously...the thought of being pregnant right now scares the living daylights out of me.

Duble said...

also as i was driving in this morning, it occured to me the perfect answer for you. Show the lad an empty jar. Tell him it used to have jelly beans but it doesn't anymore and as it is out of jelly beans you can have a baby.

Isn't that how that jelly bean jar you toldme about works?

Squidsquirts said...

You are welcome to skip gestation completely, and have one of my children (I mean existing children- not propositioning ya!)
Say the word and they'll be packaged in brown paper and duct tape, and fedexed off.

Adam said...

How about those Cav....


How about those Brow....

God, Cleveland teams suck.

Goes by the name of Anna said...

Ha ha! So, um, lovely weather we're having and HEY-QUICK-WHAT'S-THAT-OVER-THERE... *runs*