Tuesday, June 9, 2009

it's driving me mad, it's making me crazy crazy

Okay, this isn't an actual photo of my backyard, but it might as well be.

Normally, the place looks like a beach volleyball pit, and actually, parts of it still do - the parts where I'd like there to be grass. But everywhere else, the parts where I'd like there not to be greenery, is a certifiable jungle!

All that moisture we've been getting lately has just made the backyard flora giddy with growth!

And of course you all remember and know how we sold the 6.0 hp Briggs and Stratton engine lawnmower at last summer's neighborhood garage sale and replaced it with one of those motorless pushmowers, right? Of course you do. That mower is great. I love it. So cute. So lightweight. Even Meego can mow now.

But it doesn't cut for crap anything taller than, say, three inches. Translation: It won't cut for crap anything I want to cut in the backyard jungle.

I'm seriously going weed whacker shopping today. We did have a weed whacker, but it was a worthless piece of junk. I don't want to lambaste here on the blog, so I'll just say "DO NOT BUY ANY HOMELITE PRODUCTS - THEY ARE CRAP!" Oops, that would probably count as lambasting....

Before the worthless piece of junk, we had a Poulan that I liked very much. Yes, we were good friends. Good friends until I abused it with a yucca plant. It never forgave me (the Poulan, that is. The yucca plant forgave me).

So today, one of my many missions: to procure the perfect weed whacker, perchance to make the backyard look civilized again.

... and to discover Tarzan and live happily ever after.


brandy101 said...

Ugh, I am having the SAME problem with an insane growing season...I find a need to mow at least twice a week BUT...usually cannot b/c the ground is so wet, it doesn't cut well.

Duble said...

don't get a mower, what you need is a nice sickle.

of course, I am not sure that is a good idea having 3 teen age boys around. I would hate to see the news lead into with a sickle accident at the abby house.

not related but if you wanted a sickle where would you get one?

Adam said...

I have some English ivy that's slowly taking over our yard. It's kind of cool, really. It'd be funny if I visited the house years from now to find it covered in the green stuff.

sisterbubbles said...

I hope you and tarzan become great friends. lol

terri said...

I hope you found the perfect weed wacker. As for me, I'll be hearing Steve Miller in my head for the rest of the night.

Anonymous said...

Black and Decker makes a nice battery operated Weed comes with two and if your yard isn't too big, it works perfectly. No cords, no fuel mixing. Read some Amazon reviews if it isn't too late.

Judy said...

Okay, just rub it in - we get NO rain. You would not believe the water restrictions we're already "enjoying" around here! ACK!

I'll sell you my weedwhacker if you send me some rain...I can make a sweet deal.

Beej said...

The only way to be rid of a yukka is to dig it up...and even then, it's iffy.

All of our power tools gave up the ghost at once about two weeks ago. It was like a mass funeral. Horrible. $$$$

Anonymous said...

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