Saturday, April 18, 2009

Silver Lining Saturday, part XXXV

Welcome to this week's episode of Silver Lining Saturday!

The week started with snow. Yes, it snowed here on Easter, pretty much all day. But the snowy Easter sort of forced me to stay indoors and get some work related ducks in a row. Plus, we had chocolate.

The week also ended with snow as mentioned in yesterday's entry. In fact, it's still snowing as I type this.

But a good time was had by all! Sometimes it's nice to just have a good snowday wipe out any prior plans, and go out and be like a kid-with-a-snow-day.

And there was just enough break in the weather to allow Magnum to make it back home from his trip.

Wolfgang had two track meets this week and is enjoying himself this, his first year, on the team. He's been bumped up to the travelling team and has already decided he wants to run track next year in high school. Good thing, since we bought him those $pike$. Just hope his feet don't grow too much.

I sent my 84-year-old dad an e-mail. More amazingly, he got it! I've got to hand it to the guy. He taught himself all about PC's in the process of getting things running.

Speaking of running, Run With Lumber is quickly approaching (sick of hearing about it yet?) and all systems are go. I got more donations this week from local grocery stores. The root beer floats will be flowing a-plenty!

I sold a carseat on craigslist to a nice stay-at-home-mom. My experiences using craigslist have always been postive, unlike some in the news. But then the newsy folks weren't selling carseats and such.


terri said...

I'm glad to hear you were able to enjoy the snow and that Magnum got home safe and sound.

It's no surprise that Wolfgang is a natural in track. Takes after his mom, I guess! Don't get too comfy with the spikes. This year is the first year I didn't have to buy new spikes for Jake (his senior year!)

Beej said...

It's hard to believe those snow pictures sitting where I'm sitting. I really does look kinda fun though. My kids would be in heaven (for about 15 minutes).

How far do you have to run to run with lumber? Cause I can only do about 20 minutes. I'd hate to come all the way up there for nothing.

LauraBelle said...

yikes! I don't think I could handle living in a place that snowed like this! A visit, but not to live in all the time, everytime ... KUDOS to you for doing it!

Abby said...

BEEJ! You could SO do Run With Lumber. Come on up!

BTW, you don't have any allergies to synthetic fur do you?

agg79 said...

Hey, trade you some snow for some rain. Glad to hear you had good success with craigslist. I've heard some different stories but my son swears by it. I've been an casual user of eBay with decent results.

How many more days until RwL?

Herb said...

Well, it'll be 70 here on Monday. That's cool that your dad uses e-mail.

Squidsquirts said...

OMG, LOL @Dad!
My dad also got himself a laptop recently, after my brothers and I begged him to. Took him two hours to type an email which I could not understand. All two sentences were screwy.
Fathers. Tottering into the twentieth century. Yes. I said twentieth.

Judy said...

You know, my 93 year old grandmother is more email-savvy than my mother-in-law. Kudos to your dad!

Beej said...

Hey...I wasn't volunteering to BE Lumber...I was just gonna run NEAR Lumber...see?

brandy101 said...

It is cold here but not SNOWY cold! wow!

Goes by the name of Anna said...

Wow - good on your Dad for his computer wrangling skills! Kind of puts me to shame - I'm of the generation that's supposed to be good at this stuff, and I still manage to crash computers at ten paces...

Whimsical Ranter said...

Your dad sounds great.

Sorry about your Easter but everything is better with chocolate.

It's true about the snow and snowdays.