Tuesday, April 21, 2009

clubbed and drug

Kinda weird, I opened up my blog and saw these pictures of snow storming. You'd never know it now. It's practically HOT outside.

The kids have been out of school today and yesterday for "professional development" days. Tack on Friday's snowday and it's a veritable vacation week! And with it, Chaco and Wolfgang have been DIY-ing the Man Cave, making it even more of the Man Cave.

I've no problem with this Man Cave that has taken over the bottom floor of our house. There's a Playstation 2, and XBOX 360, a dartboard with darts, a nerf hoop, a table in the corner for building models, a big punching bag thing (okay, that's actually mostly mine), and now there are electrical cables running all over giving it the Geek Man Cave look.

The problem is, it happens to be the room where my.... er... the computer desk is. If I want to use the computer when 2 or more of the resident males are home, I must do so in the midst of the Man Cave. When no one else is home, the Man Caveness is hardly noticeable, other than the decor, that is. Oh, and don't pick up any of the reading materials if you're not prepared to be overloaded with V1agra, Lev1tra, phermone, and Asian mail-order bride ads. Popular Science? Who knew?!

When all 4 of the males I live with inhabit the Man Cave at the same time, it is truly inhospitable to any female. I intelligently avoid it at those times.

Yesterday, I needed to do some things on the computer. Girl things I suppose. And so I needed to not hear things exploding near me. I needed to not have cables being strung over, across, and through me. I systematically kicked them all out and declared this the "Mom Cave". It worked!

For about 15 minutes.


Judy said...

My computer is in the bedroom - and thank goodness because the rest of the house has been overrun by man-ness.

terri said...

I want a mom-cave... on a tropical island would be nice.

agg79 said...

Woman no mess with man cave.
No need for fru-fru frilly things like curtains and doilies.

LauraBelle said...

We get no respect ... oh wait! Dang. A man said THAT saying! *rolls eyes*

Duble said...

I need a Man Cave, perhaps we can swap like one day a week.

I realized this as I was hauling all my cds to the garage over the weekend.

Whodat? said...

Fifteen minutes only? Sounds like Mom (...wait for it...) ...caved. :-)

Goes by the name of Anna said...

Ha - I wish I lived in a place with a Man Cave! Computer game playing, stuff making, action movie watching slobby girl that I am, I always felt kind of comfy in the man cave. Unfortunately the two menfolk that I am living with at the moment are both tidy... I envy you your Man Cave!

Whimsical Ranter said...

Our man-cave is located in the basement, but that doesn't mean that the men in this house leave all their man stuff down there. it all ends up here and in my family room (which I'm starting to refer as my kids second bedroom.