Saturday, April 4, 2009

Silver Lining Saturday, part XXXIII

This was another wonderful week! I remember thinking that as it was going along. Now to remember why I was thinking that...

Oh, I remember one thing. A big box of those Run With Lumber participation prizes arrived this week. I went with the mini frisbees, and they turned out quite nice. I ended up going with them despite the mayhem that is sure to break out once every kid in the school is given one. Or maybe I ended up going with them BECAUSE OF the mayhem that is sure to break out once every kid in the school is given one! They've got good loft and fly unexpectedly well, particularly indoors - muahahahahahahaha!

On that note, I am still searching for a suitable Lumber, but I've got some good leads!

I ran this week. Twice! I've been rehabbing a case of plantar fasciitis on my right foot since about the beginning of the year, and I'd cut back on the running. It's better. I ran. Yipee!

I've started teaching Chaco to drive our manual transmission Subaru. He thinks he's driving, but really he's just practicing his starts and stops and gear shifting in a big parking lot. BIG wide open space parking lot. BIG BIG. He's actually a pretty attentive student. "This is NOT a video game". Both us and the car have, so far, survived.

I got a schedule for some upcoming classes to teach that looks to work out perfectly through the summer. So nice when stuff works out like that.

Some long lost friends got in touch with me. So nice to hear from them. Yes, they did ask for money, but still...


Judy said...

Are we in countdown mode for RWL yet?

terri said...

Chaco's learning to handle a manual transmission? I can't get my almost 16 year old to get comfortable with an automatic. I'm wondering if she'll EVER drive!

Nice that your work schedule is so accomodating. Don't you love when that happens?

Beej said...

Patrick left skid marks in his grandmother's back yard the other day while practicing a bit. It was horrific. Just sayin'.

Squidsquirts said...

Oh heck- one of those things that makes me repeat a million times: THAT IS AN OUTSIDE TOY!'
And can you give me lessons? I'm still putting off getting my licence.

agg79 said...

Teaching Chaco to handle a stick?
Sure hope the clutch is in good shape. Who's teaching him? You or Magnum?

brandy101 said...

oh man, I STILL cannot drive a stick very well. Good luck with that.

The frisbees turned out great!

Whimsical Ranter said...

I shudder teaching my oldest to drive, so far he has no interest in getting his license. I have no problem with him waiting since the one and only time my husband let him sit behind the wheel, the kid hit my garage with the van!

To this day no one will explain to me how this happened, except that he was asking where the reverse petal was.

Duble said...

seriously long lost friends found you and asked for money?

WTF, no wonder they where lost long ago.