Tuesday, April 28, 2009


So I entered the room of doom today. That would be the kids' bedroom. I don't remember what I went in there for, maybe to open the window. Get in, open the window, get out, before the mess completely entraps me.

Upon my speedy exit, I notice a piece of paper with what looks like some sort of org chart laying about in no particular organized place. Looking closer, I see that it's a small family tree, written in Spanish in Chaco's writing. Must be an assignment for Spanish class.

In the upper corner, with no particular lines emanating, he lists "Mi Gato Cookie" and "Mi Perro China". Then in the middle of the page, we see a box each for Magnum and me with a line coming out and breaking off into three lines. One each for Chaco and his brothers.

The brother boxes say, "Mi hermano menor Wolfgang [es perezoso]" = My younger brother Wolfgang [he is lazy]; "Mi hermano menor Meego [es divertido]" = My younger brother Meego [he is funny].

My box says, "Mi Madre Abby [es trabajadora]" = My mother Abby [she's hard working]. Magnum's box says, "Mi Padre Magnum [es un nerdo]". He got the hard working part right! Nice for him to notice! as for the "un nerdo", I don't even think that's a genuine word in Spanish, but we get the translation.

la HA la HA la HA la HA!!


terri said...

Chaco's got himself a good little sense of humor there!

Kacey's been taking Spanish since Kindergarten. She interchanges Spanish with English all the time while talking to me now. She loves to see me confused.

Anonymous said...

Nerds only catch breaks in the movies.

Squidsquirts said...

I dunno, it sounds almost dignified, sexy in Spanish un Nerdo! I'm picturing a guy at the pc in a bolero jacket with a sword resting dangerously on the usb port.

Judy said...

Aw, sniff...I'm gonna miss homework over the next week and a half (our entire district is on swine flu quarantine...tell me how this is supposed to make me happy????).

Whimsical Ranter said...

LOL that was too funny

Goes by the name of Anna said...

Hee - "un nerdo"! I kind of like that... It's got a nice ring to it!

Anonymous said...

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