Monday, April 27, 2009


Okay, I don't like to be a party to gossip, but I had a weird conversation with someone this afternoon and as I mull it over, I feel the urge to blog it. Because of some sensitive content and the fact that it involves real life people, I feel I must perform a bit of censorship.

I went to the bleepity school to pick up blooper. I saw an acquaintance of mine and went up to chit chat. I've known her for about two and a half years. She does a lot of volunteering at the bleepity school, so we run into each other quite often.

She seemed a bit irate and then commenced to tell me that she was going to stop volunteering and having much to do with the bleepity school. Supposedly, some parents had complained that she was teaching some of the children about blippities and bloppities.

She found this out after going to the principal to ask why she hadn't been asked to come help in the classrooms in a while.

This struck me as quite odd, and in fact, I admit that my response was to burst out in a guffaw, but I quickly apologized to her saying, "sorry, I don't mean to laugh, it's just so ridiculous the idea that you are talking about blippities and bloppities with the students".

She said, "I know".

The principal wouldn't tell her who it was that made these claims and the principal didn't say that she herself believed the claims, but she was left to stop asking this person to help out in the classrooms.

But I've been wondering. It is weird. And a little creepy. This woman does do a lot of volunteering, but it always kind of struck me that she does it mainly for the attention it brings to her. She's a champ at patting herself on the back (and maybe a bit of a control freak). Just my own observation.

I will say that the idea of her discussing blippities and bloppities with the kids would not be a total shocker to me. And I don't mean that in regards to school volunteers in general, I mean that in regards to this particular person.

I wondered. Was she really discussing blippities and bloppities? Or were the teachers just wanting her out of their hair, and this was an easy out?


terri said...

Hmmm... we've all known those volunteers that seem to be in it only for their own glory and just end up being annoying. If the school found a way to minimize her presence, even if it was a weak reason, who can blame them?

Adam said...

I'm sorry, Abby, you lost me there.

Judy said...

Blippity bloppity booo!!!

Sounds a bit like a Cinderella story gone awry to me.

Husbands Anonymous said...

This dreadful filth is shocking! I thought this was a family blog, and now you have created a whole new category: Blogs that don't actually talk about what could be shocking, but just make the reader think it!
I'm horrified!
Ok, amused...
But Horrified!

Beej said...

I can't even imagine what blippities and bloppities are, much less why she'd want to talk about that with CHILDREN.

I will say this, though. You really just never know what people are capable of, even those you think you know well. *sigh*

brandy101 said...


I havent done much volunteering in school this year because my fave activity to do was eliminated. it was collating papers for *friday folders* - info about school & community events for parents. But now they post it all online to be *green*.

So, next year I may go back to shelving books at the library if my back/knees can take it!

Whimsical Ranter said...

Wow, if I have not misunderstood the blippities and bloopities, why would the teachers make up something like that? isn't just easier to say, I don't want this parent in my classroom?

I dunno.