Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I took the big butt van in for an oil change today. Was to be $4. $4 because I had a coupon for a "free" oil change, but because the big butt van takes heavier oil than what was offered for free, it was to be a $4 oil change.

I left about $500+ lighter. *SIGH*

This service place I take our vehicles. It's conveniently located, the service people are nice, waiting area's clean, blah, blah, blah... but every time I take it there, it seems, for some routine oil change, they find something else needs fixing.

Today it was the front brake pads and the rear differential fluid. They wanted to do ball joints too, but my joints were all balled out at that point, so I passed on that.

Every time they call me and are all, "Abby, the technician found a few things while doing your oil change...", then I'm all "oh crap, here we go again". Thing is, I don't know if the claims are legitimate and it's better to fix them now rather than have it worse later, or are they just PLAYIN' me?!

And I don't even prefer driving or vehicle ownership. I coulda bought a(nother) bike with that money.


  1. you gots a road bike and a mountain bike, wanting another is boderline glutenious

  2. Remind me not to go to that place for the "free" oil changes. Yikes! $500! But if they tell you the signal light fluid needs replacing, don't believe 'em!

  3. That is why you have to have a friend in the business. Just someone to is sad, but true.

    I have a list of people I trade work with...HVAC, car mechanic...I am currently looking for a dentist, prostitute...and a chiropractor to trade for electrical work! :)

  4. Hmm, I just go to a Jiffy Lube - they dont do brakes!

  5. You could have bought about 15 of those cardboard bikes. Sayin'.

  6. And this is why we change our own oil here...

    BTW - I'm posting a picture just for you tonight!

  7. That's one of the reasons I hate taking our vehicles in for service. Always feel like I'm playing Russian roulette (gee, you need to have the CV joints replaced). Sometimes they are just milking me for my $$$ (don't forget to change the air in your tires)...