Thursday, March 12, 2009

for the want of new tires

So there I was...

Thursday afternoon like most any other. I was on the futon, esconced in yet another round of laundry folding and waiting on some cooking rice. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw one of the neighbor kids go by on his bicycle. Anthony is 15 and a good friend of Chaco's. I remember thinking that the doorbell would most likely ring soon. Boy, did it ever

*DONG* DING*DONG*....(okay, you get it by now I think)

Now, it's not typical for this particular kid to go all crazy on the doorbell like that. He's pretty even keeled. In the meantime, Chaco had approached the door and opened it all pissed like, "WHAT!?!"


So time sort of stood still at that point.

In probably what was a split second, I recall Chaco following Anthony outside and in my own head I began to ponder, "Hmmm, knowing that the neighbor kid can be quite the dumbass at times, and knowing that Anthony doesn't freak out on a regular basis, this is highly likely to be true".

After weighing the options and considering the evidence I'd been given thus far, I grabbed the phone and just dialed without confirming Anthony's statement. As I did so, I headed outside.

Yep, sure enough. A large portion of the garage and an innocent bush were fully engulfed in large flames that reached higher than the house. The neighbor kid, the one to whom Anthony was referring, is 11 years old and had apparently hightailed it down the street.

I spoke to the calm 9-1-1 dispatcher explaining that the neighbors house was on fire. No, I did not know if anyone was in the house. YES, I definitely could see flames and YES, I could definitely see smoke.

As I was speaking with her, I noticed neighbor boy writhing on the lawn of Neighbor Flanders, speaking gibberish, "I'M SO STUPID.... OH GAWD.... I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW STUPID.... ACK!... etc." I approached him and tried to calm him and asked him if anyone was in the house, which I fully expected the answer to be "no".



I told this to the 9-1-1 dispatcher and in the meantime, I told my kids and Anthony. Chaco and Anthony went into their backyard to let them know that their house was on fire. The neighbor mom probably got mad about the damn neighbor kids. Kind of like the initial thought I had when Anthony decided to lay on our doorbell. Anyway, Mom, sister, and brother all then came outside.

One fire chief, one fire investigator, and three firetrucks later, all ended well as could be expected. Another thursday afternoon. I still don't know just how the thing started. That's for Neighbor Kid to tell me sometime.

Anthony, Chaco, and Wolfgang were asked to give written accounts of what they witnessed to the fire inspector. Anthony's began something like, "I was on my way to my friends house to buy some sweet bike tires because mine suck..."

I'm pretty glad he had sucky bike tires.


Beej said...

You're slowly convincing me that bikes are really good things.

terri said...

And was your first thought upon witnessing the flames, "This is going to make for a great blog post!" ?

It's a good thing Anthony acted quickly before things got too out of hand and I'm glad that there was no damage to your house. (You didn't say so, but I'm assuming since you didn't mention any damage.)

Anonymous said... camera nearby? My drunk neighbor caught his house/garage/trash can on fire three times in a two week stretch...I must tell that story to the bog-o-sphere!

agg79 said...

Nice job of calling in the fire. Good reaction skills in a crisis. You probably saved your neighbors from more damage. Some people woulda stood around gawking at the flames/chaos.

Judy said...

Yay for tires that go bad on us for the want of new ones! Glad to hear no one was hurt...I'm hoping this is a DETACHED garage...

Adam said...

Wow, Abby, that was pretty crazy.

Did you ever figure out how the kid started the fire?

Squidsquirts said...

HAha- I've burned the neighbours house down once, too. I was friends with their son, and we made a bomb out of pool chemicals (we were 13, ok?), and then left it in the garage while we went for a swim...
When I saw the flames, I ran back home. All his father's work equipment was in that garage. They lost it all. Happy ending: They got paid out by insurance, and emigrated with the money, and never found out how the fire started... Kids, eh?

Whimsical Ranter said...

Wow! Glad you were home.

brandy101 said...

holy SMOKES!


Goes by the name of Anna said...

Yeesh - that's scary stuff! On the up-side, you have 911 calling mojo (I'll bet that they're glad when they get people like you who actually answer their questions instead of freaking out)