Friday, March 27, 2009

polar regions

The wind found and bit into all areas of exposed skin. Each forward step was a monumental task. The tracks we made in the snow were soon erased by more blowing snow, making finding our way back a gamble. My companion and I made short conversation at first, but soon just settled into non verbal plods so as to focus all our energies on making it to shelter.

It was like The Worst Journey in the World. Well, except it was just a journey of about a block and half, round trip. And we had heated houses. And dry clothing. And warm food, other than pemmican. And civilization. And I didn't get any emperor penguin eggs. But other than that, it was JUST like that journey.

You know all that harping I was doing about our mild winter and me running around in knickers and short sleeves and such? Well, we finally got a decent blizzard. 'bout time.

So I went out in it twice to go with Wolfgang on his trek to the dog sitting house, then again to accompany Meego to the garbage sitting house. Other than that, we stayed home all day, a bit cabin feverish.

But looking back, I'd say it was a pretty productive day. Magnum and I were going to go see a movie in the afternoon, but didn't. Instead, I managed to complete the assembly of all 375 Run With Lumber envelopes (that's 1500 staples in Lumber years), bake two loaves of pumpkin bread, clean a bunch of wooden stuff, chew everyone out for putting too much importance on video games, and trounce Magnum at a game of Scrabble. All that on top of my polar jouneys.

And I went out in the wee hours of this morning, looking for treasures. They were there. My milk and eggs were there like always. Nothing stops my milkman.

God, I love that man.


Judy said...

AAAHHHH!!!! The MILKMAN! You really know how to make the green-eyed monster come out in me, don't you?

Glad you got the monumental task of Lumbering out of the way for now.

And please, keep your blizzard to yourself. I have baby plants here to protect.

Beej said...

OH MAN..I love him too. I do. I wish I knew him.

Goes by the name of Anna said...

Blizzards, milkmen, emporer penguin eggs (okay, perhaps not) - this post contains so many things that are awesomely foreign to me!

Oooh - blizzards sound like being at home during torrential rain, except better (perhaps because I am a lazy bum who enjoys a good excuse to stay at home and ogle the unpleasant weather outside).

terri said...

I've been jealous of your weather all winter and now spring has arrived here and your winter finally shows up.