Thursday, March 19, 2009

picture day

I showed up for class picture day duty at the elementary school on Tuesday. First of all, who schedules class picture day on St. Patrick's Day? The green hair was bad enough, but green striped tights?? Oh well, I guess I've seen worse for picture day. Lotsa green in the group photos, though.

Then it was on to the individual pics. One of the reasons they have us parent volunteers there, other than the actual herding of the children - which is MAJOR work - is to touch the children. (Okay, any perverts who got dropped here from a search engine, quietly just leave, go on. Go. Now.). I guess there are certain policies against the school photographers doing much touching of the children. So why do they offer so many different poses?

The neck up shots aren't so bad, but it's those full-body poses. The recline. The cross-legged. The chin-in-the-hand-with-arms-crossed... And the hair issues. We must not forget the hair issues. Now I think I know why God gave me all boys. It avoids having the hair issues, other than my own of course.

It was a good solid four hours of herding and combing and face wiping and clothing straightening. Luckily, most of them were completed in the morning, so there were no cases of lunchfront. And since it was elementary school, I didn't catch anyone flipping the bird. Wouldn't rule it out though.

Random group photo from my high school archives. Find Abby, win a prize:



Duble said...

4rd from left 3rd row up. It looks like you're wearing a watch on you're left hand?

If i am right, I've been reading this blog a long long time, it took me less than five seconds.

terri said...

That's you standing behind the fluffy haired girl in glasses. (Ok, I know I just rephrased Duble's answer, but I can't help it I didn't get here first.)

Husbands Anonymous said...

2nd from right at bottom- adidas t-shirt?
Those hairdos are stylin'!
that photo wasn't bad- we did em with two guys reclining on elbows at the bottom like debauched romans.

LauraBelle said...

I agree with Duble & Terri ... with your hands in your pockets. Good thing you're not a guy ...

agg79 said...

3rd row, 6 from the right(same as Duble, Terri & Laura). It's the smile. Dead giveaway.