Monday, March 16, 2009

the arrival

I felt it within a minute of walking into the store.

There was an imbalance, something was just slightly awry. Nothing real obvious, just a sense, a change in the air. I began to have flashbacks to my days in the trenches. Those days were over twenty years ago, yet I still feel the after-effects at times such as this morning. In Wal-Farts.

The loud pomposity, the endless games of "Marco Polo", the addressing of me as "Darlin'", "Child", and my favorite: "Little Lady".

Those were the days of my tour of duty in the hotel biz. Four years spent working at the strategically placed first hotel on the interstate North of the Colorado-New Mexico border. We were like the gateway to all who flooded into our state for vacation, and none of them vacationed more than The Texans. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the money they bring into our state, but it could be grueling work. And I have since learned that they're not all loud and pompous, they're not all "Little Lady" and "Honey Chil'". Just most of the ones that come here for Spring Break.

Yep, it's spring break in Texas. I could feel it in Wal-Farts today.

They're heeeeeeeerrrrrreeee.


  1. Texans used to flood the hotel i work at in college too.

    Also I spent a couple years being the lift operator at park city ski areas beginner lift.

    Full of Texans.

    How many texans are there?

  2. Yeah, there are oodles of schools on Spring Break here this week. Us? Notsomuch. Ours is NEXT week. Not a single district around us has Spring Break with us. Very odd.

    Sorry about the influx in population there, but we'll get our turn in the summertime...

  3. I wonder why no one takes their spring break vacations here in Minnesota.... You think they've been reading my blog? I might have given us a bad name.

    Hey, at least all those Texans make for good people watching, right?

  4. Now, now, darlin, let's not get all preclempt here. We ain't all boot stomping, pick up drivin' trailer trash. Some of us even have some of that there higher learnin'. Don't worry. We only get migratory a couple of times a year. We just like visiting places with hills higher than our overpasses. Besides, like Judy said, come summertime we have our share of touristas. In the valley they have hords of "winter Texans" from people who like to escape the snow (like Minnesota).

    Enjoy the spring break!


  5. lol Texans do leave a distinct impression here!

  6. Aaah need a faave gallon hat fur ma faaave gallon hay'd, ma'am.
    Aaah think the uthah faaaave gallons done leaked out.
    (South Africans have been traditionally vilified, so I can tease a Texan can't I?)

    After all, Dallas the series ruined the way I thought about the oil business. Why did they never finishe thier drinks at the Oil Baron's club? Why!!!!

  7. Spring break... Now, American tv and popular culture inform me that that's when all of the uni students have holidays and then proceed to go nuts, drink too much and act up... am I correct?

    We don't really have that here - uni students do that stuff most all of the time. We don't need a special time! Closest thing we have is 'Schoolies Week', which is the week after you finish high school...

  8. I really love Texans, actually. Its one of the only other states where boisterous, colorful women (like me) are found often enough to be part of the norm.