Tuesday, January 6, 2009

now we're cookin'

<---A little Inuit, in his first pair of polar bear pants. What's cuter? The pants or the baby?? (Sorry, PETA).

It was cold here Sunday. "Blustery" might describe it. Snow, wind, temperatures in the teens putting the wind chill below zero. Magnum and Wolfgang had gone out to run an errand. I was here on the computer doing something highly important like facebook WordTwist or such with beej, Jerry, and Brandy when the inevitable happened. Yet another session of Grabass broke out in the living room between Chaco and Meego.

Now I know the whole boy thing. This need for "puppy time" on a regular basis. That doesn't mean I have to like it, especially after I've said it sooooo many times, "No grabass in the house! That's what outside is for!"

"HO-KAY!", I declared, "We're all going outside to take the dog for a walk!"

"B-B-B-But, it's cold outside", they replied.

"YEP! That's what jackets and hats and stuff are for! Bundle up!!"

So I forced Chaco and Meego out into the elements which also meant I was forced to be out there too. The dog loves it. I think she's immune to cold weather and wishes she were a sled dog. After a while, Chaco and Meego had sufficiently felt the consequences of their living room SmackDown, and we returned to the warmth of the house. Thank goodness, because I was freezing my butt off!

I noticed as we de-layered ourselves that Chaco's jacket was about a size or two too small. What the...? Didn't I just buy that jacket? No wonder he was freezing. Muahahahahahahah!

So yesterday, we went jacket shopping and found him a nice one. Can you say "After Christmas Clearance"? YAY! He's all happy because we had to go to the Young Men's department to find one that fit him.

This morning, 7:30, he tells me he's going to take the dog out for a walk. Oh, did I mention that school doesn't start back here until THURSDAY?! But that's another issue.... What? So early? In the cold? He wanted to put the new jacket through the paces. He wanted to go out. The colder the better.

Oh. Okay. To get them to go outside in wintertime, I just need to provide some warm clothing? That's the trick?

I'm learning.


Beej said...

I finally broke down and bought Litkia some school shoes the other day. I'm so used to my sisters sending me hand-me-downs for her to wear that I forget that once in a while I might need to fill in the gaps. She gets so excited when I do that I feel just a teensy big guilty. (doesn't last long though)

Linda said...

the pants are so cute..they look very warm! No school yet? WOW!!! Brr..sounded cold!! Kids grow out of stuff way too quickly!! Facebook is addicting..I find myself on there all the time! Have a great day!!

Judy said...

What is this cold weather you keep talking about???? I'm bundled up under blankets this afternoon where it is a nippy 62 degrees...brrrrr.

Agg79 said...

Layers. Just like when you run, think layers. When it drops into the 30's down here (I know, heat wave up there), I have some generic duotherm gear that I used when backpacking in New Mexico. A medium weight shirt, sweatshirt and top it off with an old army field jacket and that is my dog walking attire (Shadow loved cold weather).

Of course, picking up poop in the freezing cold is another matter.

"Grabassing?" Sounds like a guy thing.

Anonymous said...

Buy those coats three sizes too big...It'll look funny this year, but should be perfect by next winter.

My wife actually buys three coats of consecutive sizes when they are on clearance. When the next winter rools around, she just sells (or donates) the other two that don't fit.

terri said...

His jacket was too small and he didn't even complain about it? My kids would have been nagging for something new at the first sign of having outgrown it.