Monday, January 5, 2009

360 turnaround

It's done. The anticipation. The sleepless nights. The constant checking and updating to find out where HE is.

The day that seemed it would never arrived, finally arrived. Oh, that whole "Magic of Christmas" thing. Be good or maybe HE won't come. Of course he's coming. He's made a list and checked it twice.

We never did that whole Santa Claus thing with our kids. No, it wasn't really any sort of self-righteous decision, it just didn't seem necessary. There are the zealots out there that say it's wrong wrong wrong to lie to your children. Then there's the other camp that says it deprives them of the magical aspects to not go along. To each his own, we say, and passed. No mailing letters. No scare tactics to "be good or else". No cookies and milk.

Of course, they heard the stories, even saw HIM. And we just told them it was a story for Christmas, just for fun. And, by the way, don't spoil it for friends that still believe.

They're older now, and I think survived the deprivation just fine. And it's not like they don't still undergo the stress and anxiety of waiting for HIS arrival.

Chaco, Wolfgang, and Meego pooled the bulk of their Christmas money and savings to purchase an XBOX 360, a couple of games, and an extra controller this year. Mail order.

Omigosh, the constant checking of e-mail updates, tracking notices, google maps, etc., etc., etc. The thing arrived late last week after what felt like an eternity. Yes there is a Santa Claus.

He drives a FedEx truck.


brandy101 said...

My daughter turned 9 on Friday. She still SEEMS to belive or at least pretends to so as to get the extra gifts...

I am not sure how to bring up the subject! And yet, she and I have talked about where babies come from since she was 2!

Agg79 said...

Wwwwhat? You mean Santa's not real??? :(

I'm not sure when my son became aware (I blame his schoolmates), but he was not foolish enough to question the system.

LauraBelle said...

We did the Santa thing ... and it was fun while it lasted. Audrey was more upset about the tooth fairy being make believe than Santa ... girls, go figure. Glad their gift arrived!

Freak Magnet said...

Being a homeschooling mom, myy situation was totally different. My kids socialized with other homeschooled kids and we had to actually sit down and tell our then 14 year old about the truth! Personally, I think you did it the right way. I was never comfortable with the deceit. How cool that the boys pooled their money and got an XBox 360! :)

terri said...

Good call. The saddest thing I ever saw was my daughter sobbing at the realization there was no Santa Claus. I couldn't help but feel like I perpetuated a lie that hurt her deeply. But, she seems to have survived the trauma.