Monday, December 29, 2008

weekend update

We braved the mall on Saturday. It wasn't that bad, really. The kids had Christmas money burning holes in their pockets and it would've been worse around here had we NOT gone shopping, know what I mean?

Sunday was a beautiful day here weather-wise. Such a treat for this time of year. I was out running in it for a while and sort of got lost in the whole whoopee-do-it's-such-a-nice-day until I thought the family might wonder where I was, so I stopped running and went home.

Later, Magnum, Meego, the dog and I walked over to the nearby park that is home to the BMX track. Meego bought himself a new RC car on Saturday and was eager to test it out on the whoomps of the track.

See, while the track was built and maintained for BMX, it has become a popular hangout for the RC car crowd. And I don't mean little kids like Meego, I mean grown men with their expensive gas-powered toys (really, they are still TOYS if you ask me), often with their female groupies in tow.

Our kids use the track for both bicycle fun and RC fun, but we remind them that the bikes have the right of way. Others don't always see it that way, and small turf wars can start between the bikers and the RCer's, but they usually coexist quite cordially. Sunday's crowd was pretty low-key. Mostly younger kids trying out new Christmas bikes. Meego drove until the batteries gave out.

In the meantime, Chaco and Wolfgang had gone to a friend's house. They arrived home several hours later with worn out voices. There must've been much loud racousness as they both sounded a bit like Oompah Loompah's.

"Thanks for sharing!" the friend's mom said as she dropped them off back home.

No problem. Thanks for taking the hit.


Beej said...

I love it when other people "take the hit". I try to do that as little as possible myself.

Adam said...

Horray for testosterone!

Woof woof woof!

Sigh. I miss hangin' out with dudes.

terri said...

You live in a cool place. We have no BMX/RC car track around here. There IS a skate park. Somehow I don't think I would be welcome there. Too old or something. Pretty sure the skaters would stomp on any RC cars that dared to use their place anyway.

Freak Magnet said...

Ok now I know it for sure... you are without a doubt a FONT OF PATIENCE. I wouldn't even consider for a second braving the mall this soon after Christmas! You're my idol.. I'm the mean mom that says, "It's not going to burn a hole in your pocket so just take a chill pill!! " :)

Goes by the name of Anna said...

Yeah, I get lost in nice weather too... I'll be out walking, going "gee, the air smells good today" - and then I suddenly realise that I'm 5km away from home and I still need to get back...

Haha, I liked your 'surrounded by testosterone' tag...

agg79 said...

Excellent picture! It is the simple things that make for great memories!

Whimsical Ranter said...

I clearly remember the anticipation of spending christmas money...then the disappointment in finding nothing in the record store I wanted. LOL