Saturday, December 27, 2008

Silver Lining Saturday part XIX

Quick! What's the Roman Numeral for "50"?! Just thinking ahead here...

Another week down, and another week of good things.

First of all, it was Christmas here, yes, that's the one we celebrate. As I mentioned, it was relatively low-key here with us not travelling anywhere, and no visitors coming this way. It was a good day, and the kids like and appreciate their gifts. Now if they'd just all go back to school so I can play with their stuff!

The weather's been nice here too, making it easy to get out and about for those last minute shopping excursions and just to stave off the cabin fever. It's been cold, but not much new snow and ice to slip and slide around on, and I also appreciate that when I go outside to run.

For those days that are wintry, I'm thankful for our all-wheel drive Subaru. It's an animal!

And I'm thankful for the time off to get caught up on work stuff and around-the-house stuff. Also the family-time stuff. We played "LIFE", the board game, the other night. I ended up a teacher living in a trailer. I had a man, but no kids. That's LIFE.

Now I'm looking forward to the New Year. It's going to be a good one, I KNOW it!


terri said...

Gotta love the game of life! At least you didn't get stuck with more kids than you could afford to take care of!

Goes by the name of Anna said...

"Not too much new snow" is nice weather??? Brrr... See, I'm a cold-wuss so any snow whatsoever is a bit too cold for my pathetic self...

Glad you had a good Christmas!

agg79 said...

"L" (the Roman numeral for 50)

Board games can really be fun, if you get everyone involved. We love to play dominos ("42", Moon, Mexican Train), if we can get enough people to play.

brandy101 said...

I am thankful that I felt pretty good over most of my Philly visit.

I also LOVED doing a Secret Santa instead of the gift explosion where most people never get what they really could use, anyway.We were ALL thrilled with our gifts (we submitted wish lists with our names for the secret santa name draw.)

Daveman said...

Played the Game of Life!?? OMG! ABBY! She who I admired as your alias (Laura Croft), went completely over the line and full out BRADY BUNCH!!? I still respect you, but the whole imagery I had before is a bit srained ~sigh~
And what did you do with the kids? You and Mag traded em off for that luxury trailer didnt ya? Just so you could hob nob with the socially elite here in glamourous Hawgtown Arkansas. I can understand that. I can. Really. ;-)

Uhm - can I play the kids stuff too? I'll take back all I said if I can. Can I huh? Can I?

Whimsical Ranter said...

We played Life too one evening, we were all bored with nothing to do, couldn't leave the house...

It wasn't as fun as it was when I was a kid.

I want an all-wheel drive.