Tuesday, November 18, 2008

hold the guacamole

Well, what a good class we have here! So knowledgeable of your SOHCAHTOA's and PEMDAS's and FANBOYS's. And extra credit for Jerry for remembering FOIL for expanding the quadratic, and I'm rather curious as to what MYLEGS refers to.

Let me just say that I don't remember EVER being taught any of those mnemonics or whatevers when I was in school. We just learned the stuff the old boring way. I do remember a little ditty a friend of mine from the Catholic school told me for remembering the order of planets in our solar system, but that's it.

I'm thinking I should give prizes to those who were the first to give such good answers, but I'm not sure what to award. Maybe later, I'll rummage through our own little Land of Misfit Toys.

Now, on to a little dilemma. Okay, so some of you know of Neighbor Flanders. For those who don't, a little recap. Neighbor Flanders is my (surprise!) neighbor. She lives across the street. Ever since we moved here 4 years ago, she's been trying to get me to do stuff with her - to build up to this best neighbor buddy thing. I don't want to be best neighbor buddies with Neighbor Flanders.

She's not a bad person or anything, and on the surface, we have lots in common. For lack of a better explanation, I can only say that I just don't feel that she and I are "compatible" with each other. I JUST FIND HER A LITTLE STRANGE, OKAY? I just can't bring myself to just tell her that I don't want to do stuff with her. I get out of her invitations by siting a conflict of schedule or some such. And she just hasn't seemed to be getting the hint! PART OF HER STRANGENESS, I THINK.

She hadn't called me in a while, so I was thinking that maybe she was finally getting it. But NO. Yesterday, she called. She wants to take me to lunch for my birthday that's coming up. UGH!! Now, I know what you're thinking! Just go out to lunch with her already, how bad could it be? OH, it could be bad. AND, I've found that saying yes to her only eggs her on to request MORE!!

Anyway, I told her that I just have a really busy week, and Magnum is out of town for a few days - all true. But the truth is, if it was a friend that I actually wanted to have lunch with, I could've found the time.

Certainly there are worse dilemmas, but this has been ongoing for 4 years, and I feel a bit frustrated. And now she says she's going to MAKE me a lunch and just bring it over. Guilt GUILT!!

I think of myself as a very what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of person - don't have much problem being honest with people, but this Neighbor Flanders thing puzzles me. Fiddlesticks and Shaving cream! (I gave up cussing, remember?)

Just venting. In the meantime, I'll let you know what she makes for lunch *sigh*.


Anonymous said...

Mnemonics? I know that movie! It kinda sucked. MYLEGS = "Mylesephigusites", the substance which .., coats.., the human tongue. ITS TRUE! Even if its not, Its oh so true!

Neighbor Flanders sounds like a real sweety, in the old "Im going to intrude in your life, want me or not" kind of way. HEY! So now I know why you wont invite me over for dinner with you guys.At first I thought it was because I take few baths and I stink. But the truth is out! You're afraid I will make friends with Neighbor Flanders and you dont want to hate me like everyone does her. Hate by association. Ok, maybe hate is a strong word. "Strongly Dislike to the point of strangling compulsionisms". There - that sounds mo better ;-)

Excuse me - its time for me to think about showering for a change. Thinking about bathing has gotten so old. Really.

Do let us know what nieghbor flanders makes you for lunch. I bet its a candy cane sammich. I love candy cane samiches with mustard and mayo, a little lettuce, tomatoe and bacon, hold the candy cane, and its really quite good! Seriously!

Judy said...

Oh do the lunch - there's really too much blog fodder to be found with the prospect.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what those first few paragraphs meant.
I think with Flanders that you should live by the motto "DO no harm". I think being honest with her why you don't want to be buddies with her will cause her pain. Maybe you should take the time to really get to know Flanders? I mean understand her weirdness. I think we label people too quickly and don't allow them just to be. You might find you actually like Flanders if you accept her weirdness.

If you don't you can just slap the biatch up and tell her to eff off.

The choice is yours: accept or fight!

Happy 47th bday, old lady!

terri said...

Neighbor Flanders COULD turn out to be someone you might be friends with. I'm just sayin. One of my close friends is a neighbor who, for many years, I could have cared less about becoming friends with. She pushed to socialize. I gave in. Go figure. I ended up liking her. A lot. Of course, I'd hate for her to know that's how I felt originally.

Beej said...

I'm with Judy. Go. And take your camera. Look at it as an opportunity to entertain the masses. I'd totally do that and have the blog entries to prove it!!

brandy101 said...

you would be better off going out somewhere - that way, once you are done eating, you get the bill and LEAVE. If she comes could drag on forever....

LauraBelle said...

Tho I've been "reading" you longer than I've been "associating" with you ... I'm with the masses, especially with *beej* in taking a camera (show me the food!) and with *brandy101* in going OUT someplace ... you could let someone know where you'll be and at what time and have them call you on your cell to "bail you out" if need be, too ... oh, and have fun just knowing you get to share with all of us!