Wednesday, November 19, 2008

corn of plenty

I'll be heading out in a little while to go to the Thanksgiving Feast at Meego's school. Yep, they pull out all the stops - set up a full buffet line, complete with whole roasted turkeys (not the wonderful "turkey loaf" with fluorescent green gravy we all remember and love from our own school cafeteria days). As a PTO SUCKER... er... volunteer, I get to work the serving line.

It's actually quite fun. Most of the kids get all dressed up and their parents come in to eat with them, also all dressed up. Meego is wearing a pair of camo cargo shorts and an nondescript t-shirt, his typical M.O. He's not a real dress-up kind of guy, and I figure that's one battle I don't need to pick.

Me, I'll break out the girl clothes for the occassion - being a server and all. Last year, I was corn. Maybe this year, I'll be qualified to move up to mashed potatoes. We'll see. Just don't make me carve. Sterno fumes and sharp objects are not a good mix for me.

AND, this feast duty thing serves as excuse #4 as to why I won't do lunch with Neighbor Flanders. I appreciate everyone's advice on my Neighbor Flanders dilemma, but despite the potential for colorful blog entries, I'm going to continue my evasion tactics. To those who have said, "G'head! who knows? You might have fun!" - thing is, I HAVE. I tried saying yes to her invites early on and that's how I KNOW this would be a Lunch of Eternity, and I don't mean that in a good way.

So, off I go to sling some public school Thanksgiving hash. May the sterno fumes be wafting a-plenty!


  1. are potatoes a promotion from corn?

    speaking of which you seen the promotional ads for corn syrup. Those crack me up.

  2. I would volunteer to be pumpkin pie. Or the whipped cream for the pumpkin pie.

  3. You know, my duaghter used to have this; maybe it was just for the little kids (1st & 2nd grades) because I havenot heard a peep and they are done on (drumroll) FRIDAY. Yes, they are off the entire week next week. Ugh. :(

  4. I wish our schools did this....

    I would want to be the one to dish out that gravy...whooo hooooooo That stuff sounds the most fun.

  5. That sounds like great fun! There's one thing I miss out on being a homeschooling mommy. I hope you had a good time!

  6. Then the problems lies with you Marge, not Flanders. You need to be firm in your boundaries. Say "you betcha neighbordiddly o. I would sure love to have lunch with you buddy ole pal" to your inner Flanders and be firm to the time you want to leave. If you are wishy washy, then that gives Flanders mixed messages so does evasion. Either that or be blunt and tell her to call you when Satan's bought flannel jammies.