Saturday, October 25, 2008

Silver Lining Saturday part X

Part X folks. I've been grateful for 10 weeks now!

The week went by fast. Wasn't it just last saturday?? But it was another goodie. Here's what what.

Democracy in Action. Well, I did vote. I'm thankful that I decided to do mail-in this year. Colorado has a humungo ballot, and it was nice to fill it out on my own time at home without having to wait in line, or have others waiting behind me. I didn't see Tina Fey on the ticket though. Where was Tina Fey??

Kuddles for Kids. I mentioned here about those Lumber voodoo dolls that the elementary school counselor had requested. I'm thankful to say that the clandestine drop off of the contraband went without a hitch. She was very happy to received them. She told me that some of the kids (with deployed military parents) had specifically asked for the little Lumbers, but she had no idea where to get them. Now she knows. But ONLY she knows! Everybody keep it zipped!

Mission Accomplished? I finished up with another tutor student this week. He has a test today, and another next weekend. I think he's ready. Is he ready? I think he's ready. And I'm thankful that finishing with him left some time in my schedule this week to "Sharpen the Saw" as they say. Can't be getting dull now, can we?

Canine Therapy. Our dog China, I've mentioned, is a bit mental. She has *ahem* issues from, no doubt, an abusive puppyhood. Last spring, I decided that I would make it a priority to take her for a walk every day as she does love the walks. Plus that was about the time our other dog died, so she was a bit melancholy on top of being mental. And I've noticed recently that she's doing better. I'm thankful that she's not so jittery, not so bitchy with other dogs, and maybe getting past her past. She'll always be kinda crazy, that's part of why we love her. Happy and crazy isn't so bad.

Ya Gotta Haves. I'm thankful for friends. Friends who are happy to do favors without expectation of anything in return, friends who can keep each other smiling through rough times, and friends who care enough to give helpful advice, even if it's not what someone wants to hear. I'm thankful to be on both sides of those lines. (And yeah, that counts for blogger friends as well as the real life kind).


Judy said...

Tina was a write-in...didn't you get the chance to put a write-in candidate down?

I paired her up with Ralph Nader.

terri said...

It might be kind of fun if the country was run by the cast of Saturday Night Live! I think I WILL vote for Tina Fey!

Glad to hear China's doing well. I guess we don't really think about our pets' emotional well being too often but there are times when we realize they too are affected by their emotions. My cat was mopey for a good month after we had our dog put to sleep.

I'm always grateful for friends too, both the real life and online variety. Friends let you be who you are without stipulations. It's not always the case with family.

Whimsical Ranter said...

She came in too late to be on the ballot. You have to write her in.

I'm glad your mentally ill dog is doing better...I know our dog carries some of his past with him still. Then again, don't we all?

Big kudos for you being grateful for 10 weeks.

Daveman said...

Tina Fey was at my house for brunch. She says to tell you high and where in the hell is her vote?
I dont even know who she is. Why she invited herself for brunch - I dont know! I suspect she's a politician, or a Moroman reprobate. Same thing. In theory.

Tutoring the student(s) with a Mini-Lumber is a good idea. If the kid starts slacking, scream at him and ask, "Do you wanna be eaten? BY HIM!?" - But do this with love in your eyes. The kid will be graduting in record time. In theory.

Tee-hee! you said "bitch" - and Im tellin!!! *gasp*

And I am thankful to have a friend like you. COME BACK HOME MAWMEE! WE MISS YOU!!!

Daveman said...

PS - I really do know who SNL Tina Fey is, but only after I forgot. In theory.

Herb said...

I like Silver Lining Saturdays. I ain't votin' till election day and everybody can stand behind me and sigh while I do it. hehehe