Friday, October 24, 2008

Scrawn II

As mentioned, the weather's cooled off. That means that more skin is covered. That means that shorts are being replaced by pants.

Now, I know a lot of parents that go do this big back-to-school shopping trip in the fall and stock up on the new school clothes. I don't. I prefer to wait until they start whining.

The whining has begun. And rightfully so.

They're whipping out their jeans and pants now that the weather's colder. Of course none of them fit, unless we were to live in a floodplain. Which we don't.

So, last night, after the musical chairs version of clothing sorting happened - salvageable Chaco's pants going to Wolfgang, salveagable Wolfgang's pants going to Meego - I was forced into a jeans shopping trip.

I learned that there are plenty of "Husky" jeans out there. Wolfgang and Meego are okay with their Regular sizes, but Chaco needs the slims. A major portion of his height is in his legs, so although he's 14, he needs size 18 pants. He needs size 18 inseam to go on his size 14 waist. "Husky" won't do.

And I thought finding jeans for ME was difficult.

Eventually, we found some - on sale even - WOOT! One pair of 18-slims on the shelf. I laboriously dug and found one more pair. I scarfed them both before some other lank happened by.

Ready to throw elbows if necessary.


Duble said...

We weren't allowed to wear shorts at school til my senior year.

About 10 years later when i graduated from college, I learned, I didn't own a pair of pants.

My classmates used to make fun of me for wearing sorels and cargo shorts.

Shorts build characters.

Whimsical Ranter said...

My husband takes the older child for his pants because I refuse.

I wish my boys were closer in age so I could actually give Fredo the hand-me-downs but, they're 5 years apart, little Fredo is in kid sizes and the older one is wearing adult sizes.

Judy said...

Wow, I'd kill for a skinny kid. I'm raising a family of huskies here, and they ain't the furry type!

brandy101 said...

In girls sizes the larger-in-the-hips-and-waist sizes are more delicately referred to as *plus*. As in Size 10-plus. Some stores call them half-size such as size 10.5

But NOBODY call them *husky*

I buy *plus* size jeans for my little one (who also wears size 6 womens shoes at 8 years of age!!!)
Pretty soon she wil ust wear regular womens clothes; I think junior styles will run too slim/narrow for her b/c she is builtstocky just like me.

terri said...

I had that same problem with Jake. I was never so glad as when he hit the young men's sizes and we could shop for the appropriate waist and length sizes. Of course, it's still tough when the waist barely grows but the legs keep going.

The oldest and youngest though tend to lean toward the husky side. So hand me downs weren't even an option for Jake.