Saturday, September 13, 2008

Silver Lining Saturday IV

Another week gone, time to look at the good stuff:

I was out running this morning, early. I came around a corner and saw this.... this.... this... thing. It was either a big fox or a short coyote. It hightailed it out of there, never to be seen (by me) again. Apparently, it was more afraid of me than I was of it, and for that I'm thankful!

I gave more LSAT tests this morning. The instructor and I have this tag team thing going. I give them painful tests, she helps them learn stuff, I give them more painful tests. I'm thankful that, despite my evil role, the students seem to like me.

Mag's garden is happily producing. He seems to get a greener thumb with each progressive season. He's the gardener. He enjoys it. I'm thankful that I can just sponge the harvest (the zuchinnis can take a break, though).

Speaking of the husband, I sent him an e-mail at work yesterday. Y'know, a sweet-little-nothing-from-the-wifey e-mail. Actually it was just this political joke I figured he'd appreciate. I received this sweet little nothing in return a short time later:

I will be out of the office starting 09/12/2008 and will not return until

I will respond to your message when I return.

The information contained in this message is privileged and intended
only for the recipients named. If the reader is not a representative of
the intended recipient, any review, dissemination or copying of this

message or the information it contains is prohibited. If you have received
this message in error, please immediately notify the sender, and delete
the original message and attachments.

I'm a privileged recipient! I'm so thankful. Okay, in all seriousness...

Yes it rained all night Thursday and into Friday thus cancelling Meego's Field Day, but we needed the rain, and once it stopped, the weather was beautiful again - and really, the rain was beautiful too, China and I had a very pleasurable walk in it. That's Colorado and I'm thankful for the variety.

I'm thankful for this weekly thankfulness exercise and, of course, my blog friends. *sniff* enough for now...


Herb said...

Doncha think Mag's response was a little saucy for a family blog?

Judy said...

Yay for gardening! You should post a picture!

Mr. Buddha Magoo said...

Are you going thru the change? The Abby I know and read use to never almost shed a tear! Buck up, woman, and no more sniffling (and if you give **hugz**, I am calling the asylum).

Beej said...

Are you talking to ME? Aw.

Anna said...

You guys need rain too? Ha, down here we're in a perpetual state of needing rain...

By the way, thanks for the venus flytrap keeping tips - I don't have a terrarium, but I've stuck it up in the hottest, sunniest room of the house and it's absolutely thriving so far!

terri said...

When I'm out walking, I sometimes worry about running into scary people, but never scary wildlife! I'm glad whatever it was was not of the attacking variety.

Wish I had some zucchini! I'm having trouble even finding it at the store and began to wonder if there was a shortage or something!

And thanks for the reminder about variety in the weather and seasons. I complain a LOT about the weather, but the changing seasons are one of things that make MN as beautiful as it is.