Wednesday, September 17, 2008

out of the suburbs

So I'm sitting in the laundry-folding station, in full housewife mode, when my manager from work calls.

"You know that LSAT class you're proctoring? [The Instructor] is really sick and can't teach tonight, can you go down there and let the class know that it's cancelled? We don't have time to get another instructor there to sub." There's a slight frantic edge to her voice.

"Uh... mmm... er... wha... ?", I spring into action.

"Oh... uh, okay. What time does the class start?" It was like in a half an hour. This class is down at this private liberal arts college downtown, which is easy enough to get to, but parking is a BI... parking is really scarce during the week. I've got to hit the road, stat!

So, I get our kids all in responsibility mode to hold down the fort until Dad gets home and head down. It's kind of in this Student Union type building, and a bunch of college kids are milling around or studying or having club meetings or whatnot. I'm hanging out keeping a lookout for our LSAT students, all the while taking in this whole college scene.

They talk in all drawn out final syllabuuuuuuuls? and upspeeeeeeaaaaaak? Nice kids all I'm sure, with bright futures, they just talk funny. I head off a couple of our students and am putting the message about the cancelled class up on the whiteboard. This girl peeks in. "Are you like using this rooooooom?", she asks. "No, come on in", I tell her.

I wait a few more minutes and none of our other students show up. Guess they got the message, so I think it's safe for me to leave. I return to the classroom and ask the girl if she wouldn't mind erasing the white board for me before she leaves, I'd just like to leave the message up there a little while longer just in case someone comes late.

"Oh, yeah, like, fer suuuuuuure", she generously replies while bobbing her upper body. I leave, mission accomplished, and slowly manage re-entry into housewife mode.

Except I now have this strong unshakable craving for a frat party.


  1. Can you imagine, years from now, what our country's leaders will sound like?

    I actually like the drawn-out, upspeak dialect. In my job (student loans) it helps me recognize when a parent is calling and trying to pass themselves off as their kid to get info on the loans. (Legally, we can speak freely with an immediate relative. I'd just love to call them out on it once in a while.)

  2. Oooh, let's have a frat party! Do you have any frat laying around that we can use?