Thursday, September 18, 2008

the arrival

We're gonna give it a go today. Field Day, that was rained out last week, should be happening today. So far, the weather looks absolutely lovely for a day of cutthroat elementary school athletic competition.

There will be tears, you can bet on it.

So, before I head out to officially officiate the alway raucous sack-races-without-sacks (again, I don't feel like getting into that just yet - explanation to come), I thought I'd just lazily refer readers to a someone else's blog.

No, I'm not going all Oprah here, but I'm just very impressed and inspired by what this guy's done over the last nearly 3 years. He set out to accomplish a goal and, except to occassionally verify just how far he'd gone, never looked back.

Reading his entries, it's obviously been more than just a physical journey. So, it seemed an appropriate reference for this day of physical and emotional highs and lows to come. I think he might need to change his blog monicker though.

Anyways, time to go kick some ass.


Jamie said...

Have fun today! I hope there aren't too many tears!

Jerry said...

I am still bitter that the fastest kid in 3rd grade was a girl. Well not so much that it was a girl but that it wasnt' me.

also still bitter for the all of the following
That the second fastest kid in 3rd grade, also not me

3rd fastest kid in third grade, also not me.

4th fastest kid in third grade again not me.

5th fastest kid in third grade still not me.

6th fastest kid in all of third grade, was not me.

I remember that they gave out ribbon for first through 6th.

If only the sackless sack race had been an event, i coulda been a contenda, but alas, i ended up being an accountant. Stupid 3rd grade field day.

Woe is me.

Judy said...

WOOT! Let the fightin' begin!

Hey, that website is quite phenomenal. I'd say his weight loss is a bit more than my 45 pounds.

terri said...

WHOA! I went to check out LFoaB and ... just WOW!

Daveman said...

What about my wieght loss plan? Its simple really. Just injure your back, get some prostate issues and doctors who dont care if you live or breath and certainly dont care about ones loss of appetite and VOILAH! Weight problem solved.

Of course pissing off that Gypsy dude probably wasnt the best idea I ever had either - but hey, the results speak for themselves. :-)

But I digest. The guy worked for his weight loss so I gotta give him credit.

Now about those sackless leggless races????