Saturday, August 23, 2008

the week that was

Okay, I think I've got a theme for MY mural. I won't say what it is, I'll just see if I actually accomplish it and, if so, I'll take a photo as proof.

Looking back, it was a good week. Terri does this thing on Fridays where she blogs about things that she's thankful for from the week. Maybe I should do a similar looksee:

I'm thankful that the kids are back in school and all are enjoying their schools/friends/schedules/teachers. I have a friend who has a daughter the same age as Chaco. So far the daughter "hates everything" about the high school. Chaco, on the other hand, seems to love love love it.

I'm thankful that my husband's job and the flexibility of my job allows me to do volunteer stuff. Picture day at the elementary school was draining, but we had a good time. It's nice to be favorably recognized by the kids as that Run With Lumber lady, nice to say hello to returning teachers, and I must admit that the other volunteers are a hoot to work with.

I'm thankful that, through a combination of Brandy extolling the virtues of her juicer, my kids watching too much Paid Programming over the summer, and my not knowing what to do with the bounty from Mag's garden, we are now proud owners of our own Power Juicer (as seen on TV). We tried it out yesterday where I made my own version of V-8. None of the kids were interested in drinking much of it but all were highly entertained by the lifelike blood and gore effects of the juicing process.

I'm thankful that a very good friend of mine from high school that I haven't heard from since... well.... high school found my facebook page and contacted me. So many fun memories! Not that I'd want to go back, but still, it's fun to catch up.

I'm thankful for my trusty bicycle. It gets about 53 miles to the burrito.


Judy said...

oooh, the POWER JUICER! Think of how much fun Halloween can be with this baby!

terri said...

I love seeing that you counted your blessings! You're the 2nd of my bloggy buddies to do so this week. (I mean besides the ones that do it regularly.)

It's great to hear that Chaco loves high school! It sure makes it easier on us, as moms, when we know our kids are comfortable with where they're at.

The Power Juicer sounds like something I must have! I love the commercial brand of V8. I can imagine how good the homemade version must be!

LauraBelle said...

Well, well, just LOOK at you on the handlebars of that '53 miles per burrito' bike pictured under your shout box!! *hah-ha!*

Senor Buddha Magoo said...

I am thankful that your kids are back in school too! Now I have just one more week to those little wretches go back school here in SD. There's light and there is no train coming head on this time!!! {does Buddha happy dance}

brandy101 said...

So glad you dig the juicer!!

One great thing is that many fruits & veggies can be frozen for when you can use them in a recipe. So, even in winter, when I am *craving* some fresh fruit, I go to the freezer and pull out some strawbeeries or blackberries, thaw briefly in the miocrowave and juice them with, say, some fresh apple or grapes.

Pears will be in season soon and they combine nicely with many items for wonderful juice concoctions.

Best of luck!