Thursday, August 21, 2008

the bucket-of-summer list

At the beginning of summer, when we were all motivated and gung ho and stuff, the kids and I sat down and brainstormed a to-do list for the summer. We've learned from summers past that those 12 weeks or whatever tend to go by faster than expected, so we (I) thought that we should officially write stuff down, then we'd actually DO it rather than get to the end of summer going, "what about the...? We forgot the....?"

I then took our brainstormed list and printed up an offical schedule like those of project planners. I'm a nerd, it can't be helped. I'm looking over that schedule now to see how we did.

Eighteen items were on the list. Eight things were checked off. That's about a 44% success.

Okay, well at least it wasn't a total loss. We had our fun. One of the listed things that is still on my mind is "paint a mural". Now, we were going to do this mural on one of the walls in the room-of-all-trades. It's just a big room in the garden-level basement that is used for everything that the dining room, living room, bathrooms, and bedrooms are not used for. I'm sitting in it now as I type.

To my left is a big punching bag, behind me is the PS2, over there is an electronic keyboard that sits on an ironing board that sometimes functions as an ironing board, behind me to the right is a large table used for model building/jigsaw puzzling/pile stuffing because we're too lazy to put it away/etc.. Basically, it's a safe enough room to attempt a mural.

The main reason the mural didn't get painted is because we could not agree on a theme. Chaco wanted a space theme. Meego wanted a geography theme (?). Wolfgang wasn't sure, but he knew he didn't want space or geography. I was rooting for an ocean theme, mainly because it's pretty hard to mess fish up.

School's back in session and all the walls are still the same old fingerprint streaked beige. *sigh*. So maybe I'll just do my own little mural. I just need to decide on a theme. Hmmmm.... suggestions?

No fish.


terri said...

I'd go for a tropical island theme. That way when you need an escape, you've got somewhere to go.

Judy said...

What about something like that thing they did at the Olympics where the athletes walked across that banner or whatever and made the coolio rainbow? you could do it in sunset colors...

And yes, your boys would LOVE Space Center Houston - WAY COOL place to visit.

pendoodles said...

Ocean is good, especially if part of it is an underwater view. :)