Saturday, August 9, 2008

another trip around the sun

I was just at another blog where the woman was gushing about it being her wedding anniversary. Yeep! That reminds me, mine is coming up.

This year will be our 18th, or rather EIGHTEENTH (it's longer if I type it all out). I don't know how we will possibly top last year's. The SEVENTEENTH will certainly remain a most memorable one. I am remembering it now. It was the year of the fridge.

Nothing like going two weeks without a refrigerator in the middle of summer to make for a memorable wedding anniversary fridge delivery.

I watched the Olympic opening ceremonies last night and was thinking about how they continue to get more impressive than ceremonies that have gone before. That will make it tough for future opening ceremonies planners. Much like us with the anniversary refrigerator of last year. How will we top it?

Maybe if I work quickly, I can totally trash some other appliance and have it replaced in time for the anniversary.


Judy said...

Oooh, let's go for a new hot water heater this year! YAY!

Welcome to blogger, girl! Hope you like it here!

brandy101 said...

have fun in yer new (virtual) digs!

Me...well Im too obsessed with FB wordgames to blog anymore, it seems...*sigh*