Sunday, December 6, 2015

Silver Liningness Sunday

And so ends another week.  Is it me, or did November just fly by?  Like just a blip and then gone?

Either way, I guess I'm glad to be finishing up another year.  What is the alternative?  This was a nice week getting back into the routine after the Thanksgiving break.  Wolfgang came over and hung out yesterday, which was nice.

He told us all about his Thanksgiving trip - the surfing, the snorkeling, the eco-touring, the eating.  If I wasn't envious before, I am now.  But I was before, too.  Really, though, I'm glad they had a good time... while we were back here in the great snowy freeze that was Thanksgiving 2015.  But we made the most of ours.

He also said he got everyone t-shirts but had forgotten to bring them, so I have that to still look forward to.  Next best thing to being there?

As expected, with the return to classes, the university campus was respectfully subdued after the Planned Parenthood shootings.  Backup officers from two other CU campuses filled in to let our officers take some time off.  The funeral procession was huge, with people lining the entire route.  Here's a pic as it went by the university campus.

So this week was productive while the local news is still filling in details of the investigation.  And we warmed up some which helped melt the snow.  I was glad to be able to get around just fine on Bella since I put her winter tires on.


That line of dots?  That is to signify that we had a big ol' power outage just as I was thanking Bella and her big girl tires.  I was sitting here blogging away, Meego over there doing homework (supposedly) while the toads were splashing about in their fountain when *WHAMO*  pitch blackness and no more splashing.  Knowing those toads, however, the sexing likely continued.

So I can say I'm thankful for electricity.  And when it's not on, I'm thankful for camping lanterns.  Quick, anyone know any good ghost stories?

Oh, darn.  Power's back.

Whenever the power goes out, I'm reminded how noisy the house is.  With the toad fountain and the monster fish bubblin'.  Anyway, the whole traumatic thing lasted about 30 minutes.  We think there may have been an accident that knocked something offline as we heard some sirens shortly after everything went dark.  It will probably remain a mystery.

But Meego did break out a couple of ghost stories while we waited.  Gave me a good case of heebie jeebies.

Sleep tight!


ShadowRun300 said...

November FLEW by. And December is passing at a pretty good clip too. How do you slow this ride down?!
At first I thought you meant Wolfgang had forgotten to bring the t-shirts back home and would have to go back to Hawaii. I was thinking - "how convenient!"
Things do get eerily quiet when the power goes out. Lucky you had Meego there to bring you comfort. Or not. I don't do well with horror stories when the lights are on! But something tells me you were having fun. :)

Abby said...

Ha! How nice to get a free ride back to pick up those forgotten shirts!
Meego had stories a teacher told them about ghosts in Amish country and a ouija board that wouldn't stay away! I was happy when the lights came back on.