Wednesday, August 20, 2014

school starts when?

So, Monday was Meego's first day of school.  We went out for new clothes and school supplies yesterday.  I figured I should just stick to my pattern established when I gave him his haircut the day AFTER picture day.

End of summer just snuck up on me this year, I tellya!  It seems like Meego just got out!  But oh well, now we're ready.  Essentially.

Besides, it still feels like summer.  It's hot out, or it's rainy.  Plus, Chaco and Wolfgang have their move-in day on Friday, so I'm still surrounded by all their dorm junk (we decided to forgo the storage unit) and then some.

Neither of them has done anything by way of packing.  *sigh*.

I, on the other hand, started the week with about a mile-long "to do" list, and I've been scratching things off with wild abandon!  Maybe I've just been too busy to be annoyed about all the clutter that needs to be put into packing boxes.

Of course, I'll miss having Chaco and Wolfgang around, but their stuff?  Not so much.  My minimalist tendencies have been stretched to their limits.

But things are easing up.  I now feel like we're in school mode, just a couple of days late.  The elementary school is once again looking to hire a crossing guard at my old post.  My replacement decided one year was enough.  I briefly thought about it as my class schedule would allow for it, but naaaah.  I've just been watching to see if anyone else takes the bait.

Maybe if the post is still open after testing season settles down and my tutor schedule isn't so full, I'll take it as a sign.  Plus, by then the school would be desperate.  They might throw in a stylish new vest.

But maybe I should remind myself that "Work outdoors!" involved more days like this:


and less like this:


Anonymous said...

That was me last year! We got the kids' supplies the weekend after school started. This year, I was all over it. We got the supplies the day BEFORE school started. Boom! (as my kids would say...)
It's been tough getting back into school mode. Especially for Amp. Hopefully we'll all slide into a comfy routine here soon.
Thinkin' about pulling your vest out of retirement, huh? Just keep thinking about those cold, blustery mornings... unless of course you're missing the cops... and suddenly the snow doesn't seem so bad... ;)

Ginny said...

August in Boston has been oddly cool so i almost feel like i'm in fall mode already. I'm not ready though! It seems like all the snow was not long ago.

agg79 said...

I don't envy your chaos. I dimly recall those hectic last few days leading up to school and do not really miss them all that much. With junior out of the house, things are a lot quieter, less stressful. Just think of moving all that clutter out as a deep cleansing.

LL Cool Joe said...

My younger daughter goes back to school in 2 weeks and my older daughter starts uni in a month, which will probably mean we need to think about new school supplies and crap like that. Sigh.

The weather here in the UK is quite pleasant but there is definitely a feel of Autumn in the air and I'm not ready for that either.

Abby said...

Oooh, yeah... the cops. Hmmm....

Abby said...

Snow! I swear it just snowed a couple weeks ago!

Abby said...

I only "dimly" recalled them too, otherwise, maybe I would've been more on the ball! Yes, I do feel a cleansing coming on.

Abby said...

Luckily, Wolfgang works for a school supplies company, so brings a lot of that stuff home. Otherwise, Meego would've really been hurting on that first day! I still had to go shop, though.

Riot Kitty said...

Um, yes. I'd post that snow picture up on my computer and look at it each time you reconsider.

Abby said...

Great idea.

terri said...

We've sort of lost that back-to-school vibe around here. Kacey's going back, of course. But since she's going to live in the same apartment, she'll pretty much just pack some clothes and head back to where all of her stuff has lived all summer.

Can't believe you're considering the crossing guard position again. I think you've done your time. It's someone else's turn now.

Abby said...

Chaco's thinking apartment for next semester, that would be easier.
Crossing guard is a mom job, I'm surprised nobody's taken it. They've got June out there now, and I know she'd rather be at her designated post. But I'm NOT doing it!