Tuesday, July 9, 2013

the bear at the college is getting less press

There are probably more paintings and other depictions of it than there are residents of the town.  I've never had the desire to paint it, but I've never climbed to the top and would like to.

Fisher's Peak is such a visual symbol of my hometown.  I think even moreso than Pikes Peak is of my current home.

Fisher's Peak watching over Sex Change Town

Guano and what's-his-face

Brother Guano climbed it back in the 80's.


There was a small fire on "The Peak" a couple of week's ago, but the fire crews took care of it pretty quickly among many sighs of relief.

And then today...

It looks like this.

Images and news reports began popping up on my facebuuk page.  How did we know anything before facebuuk?  

So yeah, it's on fire again.  This time bigger than last time.  We had some friendly clouds here that didn't leave us any rain, and then moved south.  I hope they move about 150 miles south, invite all their friends, and have a big old rain party.  

Home fires burning?  No thanks.


  1. Oh Abby. I'm so sorry. First your hometown. Then your HOMEtown. Your family's heart must be breaking. Hopefully they can get this fire under control just as quickly.
    There's a bear at the college?

    1. Yeah, a bear just wandering around campus. Too bad it wasn't "Smokey the..."

  2. Hope it gets put out soon!

    Am I being dumb here, but don't they create fire breaks around some of these towns? I know that some areas are actually inside forests and stuff, but from this pic it looks like a good part of the town could be protected fairly easily. Sorry if I am being dumb.

    1. There are no fire breaks constructed specifically for that purpose that I know of. There should be! Typically, they build them when there is a threat, like now. Bulldozers are busy, and the latest reports this morning sound optimistic.

      So no, you are not dumb! We are big believers in mitigation, but some people just want to live in "the woods".

  3. I guess it is that old "frontier spirit"...

  4. I'm reading in reverse post order, so I know the rains came!

    Guano and whatshisface...was that typical rock climbing attire?

    1. It was the 80's - not a good decade for fashion.

  5. Same as Anita, I am reading the blogs in reverse.
    Love the old 80's photos of Guano and whf.