Sunday, July 7, 2013

Silver Liningness Sunday

I'm a bit confused on the days because of the holiday.  Seems like we've had a series of Saturdays.  I'm  not complaining.  So this was a fun, summer-like week.  It was nice having some extra play and relax time.

I'm glad that it's July.  This is the time of year when our "monsoon season" typically begins, meaning afternoon rains, or at least some clouds, on most days.  Junes have historically been unpredictable and unfriendly.

Wolfgang did manage to find the key to the Civic.  It actually was in the trash dumpster.  He was retracing his steps, and he remembered throwing away a bbq potato chip bag when he got out of the car.  Tossed the key in there too.  *LOUD SIGH*.

But alas, the cat is still at large.  We're thinking she probably has other people feeding her.  During her time with us, we tried to help her slim down by feeding her portion controlled indoor food meals.  No people food.  Yet all this time, she remained a big girl.

Her chub was actually part of her cuteness, but at the same time, we didn't want her keeling over from stroke/diabetes/etc.  We're betting she's made an entire buffet of the neighborhood.  It's still strange to have not seen her for three weeks, though...

Had a nice time at my niece's shower yesterday.  I remember when she was just a wee babe *sniff*.  Magnum asked what we do at a bridal shower.

"We mingle, eat, watch her open gifts, then the strippers show up and we get out our ones"

Let him ponder.

I just had a lovely bike ride, then bought some lemonade from the little girl down the street and chatted with some neighbors.  We used to have block parties on the 4th of July, but of the three families that used to do the bulk of the planning, one moved, another divorced, and the third probably decided they didn't want to hassle with it.  Still, it's nice to have some downtime to visit with our streetmates.

Now, off to round two of wedding party weekend.  Better load up on ones.


agg79 said...

I hope the monsoon season does arrive to drench you guys. Think you really need it.

Glad that Wolfgang found the keys. The question is: who did the dumpster diving to find them?

And I like your explanation of the bridal shower chain of events.

Anonymous said...

Yeah.... that's it! Kat found someone who would actually feed her what she's been craving. But when she realizes YOU were the one who cared about her more, she'll come crawling back. At least that's my hope for you.
I sure hope you get at least one or two monsoons your way. (In the middle of the night, and only over the forests of course.)
Seems like you enjoyed your long weekend. I mean, who wouldn't? Biking, lemonade, mingling and strippers. Sounds fantastic!

Abby said...

Had a monsoon drench today. It was glorious. He who loses the key goes diving.

Abby said...

I'm hoping Kat is nearby, dining on her favorite things. Maybe she'll stop by when she needs to do laundry or something.

Linda Hensley said...

Nothing says "summer" quite like buying lemonade from a little kid. Good luck finding your kitty!

Guano said...

I've "misplaced" more than my share of keys, including a toss into the dumpster. Yes, I dove into that one -- not pleasant!
Pics of the shower please. :-)

terri said...

Glad to hear the key was found.... but I'd much rather read that Kat was found. I'm sure you're right though. If she's friendly enough to strangers, someone is feeding her and she decided to stay for good eats.

Bridal showers... I never feel like going, but I do. Then it ends up being fun and I come home wishing someone would throw me a party to replace all my old home stuff with cool new home stuff.

Abby said...

It was a nice long weekend. Little bit of everything :)

Abby said...

And she knows her target market too. Cleaned up!

Abby said...

Did I mention it was poop scoop day? *SHUDDERS* Hopefully that'll learn him.

Abby said...

What a great idea! It's us old brides that need the showers. Where do we register?!?

Anita said...

I've seen all size dumpsters; most of them fairly big. I'm trying to get a visual of Wolfgang plowing through. Seems that it would be a hard job. Is it where you all take your trash? We have huge cans that are collected curbside. Dumpsters here are for the apartment dwellers.

Sounds like your week was a good one; aside from the little ache for Kat.

Abby said...

You're correct. It wasn't a true dumpster, as in the kind behind businesses and apartments. It is our individual garbage "tote". It's like a big bucket on wheels - about 80 gallons or so.