Wednesday, July 10, 2013

we never even knew his name

I got some new students this week.  They all seemed pretty friendly.  Bright.  According to their transcripts, they should get along fine with the other already established students.

After a while, though, I don't know, there was a shift in the dynamics.  Unspoken rivalries became apparent.  There was bullying going on.  As much as I hate bullying, I waited, thinking things would settle down once everyone sort of figured out his or her place in the hierarchy, such as it was.

I even gave them some refreshments, laced with calming ingredients.  Certainly, that would mellow everyone out.  I waited some more.  Nope, clearly one newbie was bound and determined to be the class jerk.  And strangely, while he picked on everyone, he was most vicious toward the lesbians.  What's up with that?  The lesbians don't bother anyone and are the mellowest of the bunch.

I pulled him aside and told him we don't do that in my school.  I had him go sit by himself and think about how his actions were affecting the others.  I also kept an eye on the others because, sometimes when I've done this in the past, another will emerge and take the place of the class jerk.

But that didn't happen.  It was pretty clear that the others were glad the bully was gone for the time being.  I watched a little longer to see if any of them had picked up his bad behaviors, but they all continued to get along quite swimmingly.

After consulting with the administration, it was decided that the bully would be expelled.  He had been given plenty of chances, but was just not going to fit in here.  I went to give him a talking to.  I had the unenviable job of making him aware of our decision.

Naturally, he was not happy.  But it was clear that he could not be reformed.  There was no remorse, he only became all the more belligerent.  I almost hate to admit it, but I wasn't all that sad to hand him his sentencing.

We donated the body to science.

Rest in Peace, Buttfish.


  1. You run a tight ship! It's necessary though, especially in times like these. Buttfish got what was coming to him. I'm sure the others will rest easy now.

  2. Hm, sounds familiar - we have recently tried putting our 3 male rabbits into a single run, but one of them is a trouble maker and has had to be put back into solitary...

    1. Three can be a crowd. Male or female. There's usually one that just wants to get drunk and stir up trouble!

  3. I can only shake my head and laugh. :)

  4. In other words you threw him down the sink? :D

  5. No room in the tank for bullies. Sounds like he got the royal flush...

  6. I remember my dad's fish tank when I was a kid. He sometimes had some kind of a separator in it to keep the bully away from the others. (Or maybe he was keeping the stud from getting busy with the ladies?)

    I know buttfish was a real butthead, but I was kind of hoping he got individual accommodations. I'm guessing he really went down the toilet...