Wednesday, August 15, 2012

traffic report

Okay, I thought I would piggyback off of Rock Chef who piggybacked off of ShadowRun300 and take the blog on a visual tour of my work commute.   Today is the first day of school (except Wolfgang and Meego get an extra day of summer; they go back tomorrow), so grab your supplies and let's go.


I exit the back gate of the house to the walking / running / jogging / strollering / coyote prowling / bear sighting path.  Looking to the left, I can see the school about 135 yards away (really, we checked on the GPS)

To my right is the way to The Office.

Depending on traffic and weather conditions, it usually takes me about 1.37 to 2.18 minutes to arrive.  The Office usually has a nice view of the mountains, but smoke from various wildfires in the western U.S. has decided to hang out here for a few days.  

I pull in,

park my transportation,

and settle in to my workstation.  Minivan alert!

Bus all shiny for the first day back in the trenches.

After a full nearly 40 minutes of dealing with various clients, I'm ready for the lengthy return.

Whew!  Miller time.


ShadowRun300 said...

That is crazy! And you do this everyday? I'd need more than a Miller to get me through a commute like that.

Abby said...

Rat race, I tellya...

Anita said...

Now tell me again... hoooow did you get that job? :)

Pretty cool that it's less than 3 minutes away. And someone's gotta do it for our precious kids! If you stick with it, you'll finally be honored at the school board meeting when you retire.

Seriously... Why not do it! :)

Rock Chef said...

Fantastic post! We should all live that close to work, IMO!

So, how far does that track go? We have a few tracks like that - some go for miles (but never to where I want to go), others are only a few yards long and seem pointless.

agg79 said...

I agree with SR300, I'd need more than a Miller after that kind of commute. Jealous. So jealous.

Abby said...

I know, why not indeed? When we first moved here, I'd never seen a school crossing guard other than ones directly in front of a school. I thought this post was a volunteer position and considered volunteering. Don't tell the person who cuts my paycheck!

Abby said...

This particular path actually stretches for several miles. I use it quite a bit for my bicycle commuting as it goes to the post office, the library, a grocery store, Meego's school, and three 7-11s - in case of slurpee attack.

Abby said...

Yep, lots of wear and tear involved. But that's why I get the big bucks!

terri said...

You have a GREAT commute! I hate mine more every day. Stop and go traffic. Stupid drivers. Road construction. Ugh.

And can I just say, I LOVE your shoes! LOVE!