Thursday, August 16, 2012

The King lives!

Not Elvis.  I don't think.

It's back to school for everybody today.  It's SO  QUIET!!

I meant to get caught up on backed up housewifery before heading off to Tutorville, but I've been procrastinating and thought I'd share about the latest family member. Then it became apparent that typing with one hand was very slow going, so I'm sharing via a VLOG post.

Blog, this is King Reese.  King Reese, this is the blog.  Note that Reese has a real name and furry cuddly Kat is still just "Kat".

Reese managed to come home with us last weekend from the Reptile Expo.  I'm really not surprised, such pushovers we are.


ShadowRun300 said...

I can see coming home with a cute puppy or kitten after being smitten by sad little eyes, but a snake? I'm not sure any of us would have been swayed by it's little eyes. So who did the pushing? And does this mean the lizard adoption has been pushed back?

Abby said...

More than 3 months ago or so, if you told me we would be snake keepers, I would've figured "Okay, maybe. But I don't want anything to do with it". When Meego went all gung ho herpetologist, I started learning things and grew to like [certain] snakes.

And yes, this is in lieu of a lizard for various reasons - mostly having to do with how interactive they are with us humans.

As far as cute puppy/kitten - we avoid going to the shelters for fear of bringing something home!

Rock Chef said...

I am assuming that the last sentence implies that you deliberately brought him home and he wasn't a surprise hiding in someone's bag or pocket.

Don't forget he is on your wrist when you go off to work - not sure how the kids would react!

And watch out - this sort of thing seems to be addictive - before long you will be doing a vblog to introduce your huge boa constrictor!

And seeing this reminds me that it is a long time since I did a talking vblog...

Mom said...


Abby said...

Very funny, Guano. Zip it.

Abby said...

We will not get a boa constrictor! ...until after the python. NO!

And yes, your typing doesn't bring out your Brit accent quite as nicely as your vlogging.

terri said...

He looks pretty cool. Not really creepy at all! I'm impressed that you're willing to accessorize with him though.

agg79 said...

I sees Snakes! I thought you were going for that bearded lizard guy but you definitely have that snake charmer bit down. And nice to see you live. It's been a while since your last v-log.